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Default Memory cards, Quality, and Image size?

I am trying to learn my first digital camera,( Minolta f 100 Dimage) and will be taking a trip to Italy with it very soon. Have just shot a 16 MB card and got only 16 prints. I will be gone for 6 weeks, will take three 128 MB cards, but want to know how many prints can I get on each card? I have changed the quality setting from standard to ecomony (and see very little difference). Does anyone know approximately how many prints will go on a 128 card on economy?
If I also change the image size, how will this affect the quality of prints and the number of prints on each 128 card? (it is at 2272x 1704 right now) Obviously, I know next to nothing about digital photography. Also, if I have to choose between which setting to lower, which is best route to go, lowering the quality or the image size.?
If anyone would know as well, if there are places in Italy where one can get the card downloaded to a CD which I can bring home with me, thus allowing me to delete the prints on on of the memory cards and use it again. I am using a S D memory card.
Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice.
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First off: I don't have the Dimage camera you are referring to, so my answers are in general nature only.

I would advise against reducing the quality setting to economy. You may see little or no difference on the monitor, but when they are printed out--especially if enlarged beyond 4x6" size--you'll get better quality prints with superior quality compression. A 128MB card may seem expensive, but how often will you be spending 6 weeks in Italy? If this is a once-a-lifetime type of vacation, then don't skimp on the camera memory.

Maybe others can answer your question about specifically how many shots you can fit on a 128MB card at different quality setting. You might also want to pose the question (if you haven't done so already) under the Minolta forum here.

If you change the image size (the resolution) but not the quality setting, then obviously the image size would be smaller (assuming you are downsizing the image size). You'll have to experiment with that camera and see if less-megapixels-and-higher-quality-JPGs would result in files bigger or smaller than more-megapixels-and-lower-quality-JPGs.

Again, going back to my earlier point re: once-a-lifetime-vacation, I would recommend against reducing either the size nor the quality. Remember, you can always reduce those things in the computer afterwards--but not the other way (i.e., can't add megapixels and details that are not there to begin with).

Finally, I would advise you to shoot as many pictures as possible BEFORE you go. Try different modes, under different lighting/shooting conditions, note what works and what doesn't. A vacation is a lousy time to learn how to use a camera--this should ideally happen before you leave.

Really finally: it might not be a bad idea to take your existing (if you have one) film camera with you--as a backup and also to take some pictures with. Also, when you want to be in the picture, it's a better idea to hand a stranger a $50/80/100 film point-and-shoot camera than to trust him/her with a $400-600 digital camera. Just to be on the safer side.
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Default F100 file sizes

While I donít own the F100 either.

You could go to ďhttp://www.dcresource.com/ ď and read his review of the F100 the review has a detailed chart of images sizes based the standard 16Mb card. For a 128Mb card it would hold 8 times as much.
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To both of you who replied to my questions, I thank you alot. Actually I have only used the new camera once (with the 16 MB card), after enlisting my 10 year old grandson (who received a digital camera for Xmas) to teach me how to use it, ( he did a fairly good job of showing "Grammy").
But, you are right, I should just buy more memory cards and practice more before I go. I also had come to the conclusion that I take my old trusty Olmypus along as well. Thanks again.
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Default Have a Laptop?

I bring my laptop with me on vacation. This gives me an unlimited amount of storage. If it has a cd burner you can burn them to disk and send them home.
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Cam manufacturers seem to always supply their cams with puny cards, do not think this is their idea of the quality of pics you should set the camera for - it's the smallest cheapest they can justify!.

You have been given good advice - shoot high quality and get memory to suit. If you have a laptop, you can buy a card adaptor very cheap, or if it's got usb download from the camera (don't forget to install the software and try before you go!).

I've noticed more internet cafes are getting card readers and many have CD burners. But pack a few blank CD's just in case, and take your camera usb lead, plenty of re-chargeable batteries and charger.
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I can answer to your question about the possibility to download your photos from the SD card.
Yes, the are many places where you can do this. You can go to a photographer-shop and have your SDcard burned on a CD.
The less-expensive alternative is to go to an internet-point and do the job by yourself.

Which cities are you going to visit in Italy?
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The cities I will visit are all over, as I will be gone for 6 weeks. After landing in Rome and spending a few days on my own, I will be with an Elderhostel group for 2 weeks in Siena, then to Florence, for a couple of days, on to Milan and Lake Como to join Europe through the Back Door tour, which includes Vience, back to Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Naples, back to Rome for several days on my own again. I guess I should be able to find a place to burn my memory cards into C.D.s in these cities. If I can feel reassured of this, I will change my settings on the camera back to standard, rather than ecomony. I have been taking photos since 1941, when I was given my first little Brownie 127 camera, and can't seem to go anywhere without a camera. I really thank all of you who have given me the very good advice.
Aloha to all
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