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Default Minolta Dimage 7i or Sony DSC F717, please help me decide !

Hello everybody,

I need your expert advice and opinions to help me buy a digital camera.
i've browsed all the top sites in digital camera reviews but i still can't make up my mind between the SONY DSC F717 and Minolta Dimage 7i.
can somebody please help me on deciding. Before that let me tell you that i have never used a digital camera before so this would be my first one if i get any one of these.
The reasons/factors which make me want both these cameras and which gives me a hard time selecting one of these..

What i like in Minolta
1.I really like the 7x zoom lens.
2.EVF 220,000 pixels one of the best out there.(i hope i'm right on this.)
i seem to be really particular about the EVF's pixels because,i feel uncomfortable to look at grainy images in the EVF under low light,minolta being the exception at this,atleast the better of the lot.

what i dislike and am uncomfortable with
1.The Err message which many of the Minolta users have experienced( this is the one and only reason which make me think,why go for a camera which has some problems when i can get a "SONY",also a really good camera for a lesser price ? which also has some unique features.)

2.I feel a bit uncomfortable that i need to go through the minolta software and save the images under the RGB space to get the best quality pictures.i think i read that minolta uses its own color space(please correct me if i'm wrong and also shed some light where ever needed)
but still i would go through this if i have to, after all i can get used to it.

1.i'm really impressed by the Night Framing and the Night shots.

Features that i'm not comfortable with sony
1.First thing, the EVF 180,000 pixels.i did go to the store to get the look and feel of the camera and looking at the grainy image in the EVF made me uncomfortable(it was around 8.00 pm and the store has enough lights on).
2.5x zoom,but i guess i can live with it especially with a camera like SONY .

as a sum up of the points.

on the + side of the Minolta
1.220,000 pixel EVF(one of my main considerations in the camera)

-ve points for Minolta,can say that it's an issue with the cameras.
1.The unsolved "Err" message which keeps appearing in the camera (who would want to buy a camera knowing that it could be problematic)

+ points for the Sony.i would rather say extra features.
1.NIght framing and Night shots.

as of now my thinking is, ' if the Minolta didn't have that 'Err' issue i would have most probably opted for the Minolta '
and i don't mind the price of both the camera's, i don't mind whether its bulky or not and believe me i also don't mind the fact(according to me, from the diff reviews i have gone through) that the final images produced by the Minolta(after saving it in the RGB color space by running them through the software,which BTW is bit if a hassle) has more noise than the sony images.
because i'm not such a professional photographer to look into real minute details of the images but at the same time i would want a real good picture and definitely not a problematic camera.

so guys please help me out in selecting one of them.please do give suggestions whether my opinions are correct or wrong,whould i be looking at other aspects while going in to buy a digital camera, any thing, any suggestion is most welcome.
it would be of great help and i would really appreciate it if you guys could help me deciding on any one of these cameras.
and one more thing can someone explain more about the "Err" message in the Minolta Dimage, like how bad is that Err,whether it can be resolved,will it keep occurring over and over though we try to resolve it .. so that i can gain more knowledge regarding that "Err" message.
i know i'm asking a lot of questions to which, almost all the answers are there in the forum,but i really want to know how much all these would affect one's decision when it comes to buying these camera.

and please pardon me for my English if it's bad or if any of my above mentioned points or features of the camera are wrong.
waiting for all your knowledgeable and valued suggestions.

thanks in advance,
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I've got an original Dimage 7 and have not experienced the "err" issue you talk about. Be very careful in making assumptions based on a few incidents and anecdotes.

That said my vote is for the Dimage 7 for several other reasons.
  • The wide angle is equivalent to 28mm, which is AFAIK the widest you can get without an add on adapter. The Sony only has a 38mm equivalent, barely even wide angle.
  • It uses Compact flash memory which has the widest availabiliy, largest sizes and lowest price per megabyte. A 1gigabyte microdrive is the only way to fly IMO and the price/performance of solid state CF will catch up soon. 5 megapixels images eat up memory fast.
  • Uses generic AA NiMH rather than an expensive proprietary Li-ion battery. Admittedly the battery life isn't the best but IMO offset by extremely inexpensive and universal batteries.
  • Direct mechanichal/manual control of zoom for precise framing.
  • Manual focus control, though it is fly by wire rather than mechanical

YMMV of course. Which camera you prefer may depends on your personal preferences and background. I came from 35mm and medium format film so the D7 has a lot that appeals to me.
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agree with Padeye,
I had a D7 b4 my D7i, and have not experienced any Err .
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hi padeye and Kcan,

Thanks for your comments.

padeye,even i had gone through all those points which you listed out and those are some of the reason why i still have Minolta at the top spot on my list.

Few more questions.
how long have you two had your Dimage 7i ?

and do you have any idea about the Sony's EVF at low light.

And regarding the "Err" issue i was talking about



those are the links where you can get more details.if you guys have patience go through the post and the replies to know more about that issue.

I'm not aware whether it is against the rules of this site to post links to other site, if so I'm sorry about that.it's just that i so desperately need help.

i guess i'm worrying too much about an issue even before i could decide on the camera.
I think i would go to the store after few days and have a real good look at both the cameras and just go by my instinct.but god knows what i would do once i get to the store.

would still wait for more suggestions and thanks once again
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Old May 19, 2003, 11:06 PM   #5
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I was not aware of that problem. I had my D7i about a year now.
I agree with you about trying them both . Bring your own memory card to take a few test pics. Having them in hands may help you to decide right away, or you may end up to loving both , making the choice even more difficult :mrgreen:

I have no idea about the Sony low light performance , but one reason I choose the D7 ( the original) over the Nikon 5000 is the better low light focusing performance of the D7, and the D7i is even better.

Anyway, take your time to make your decision.
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Look i'll be frank .. i am not a fan of either brand. Minolta ha sgiven me massive problems with no less than three 35mm point and shoot cameras. That's just my personal gripe.

Sony make CD players .. not cameras .. i dunno .. i just feel weird witha sony camera. I like to stick to Canon, Fuji, Oly, Pentax and the other biggies.

Now from there .. on paper the Minolta looks better .. way bette r... the 28mm wide angle is just fabulous and the 7x zoom is great too.

In saying that .. a large proportion of Steve's photos of the day are from the Sony you're looking at!!!!!!!!

Tough call ... 'd lean towards that 28-250mm lens though fo rsure.
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Default thanks, need another favor

does anyone have any idea about a worldwide travel charger for a dsc f717.
i might travel to Amsterdam and India, so i was wondering whether i would be able to find a worldwide(universal) travel charger and where i can find it if there's one.

and also can anyone send me a link for Action shots taken from a dsc f717.
it would really help me decide whether to go for a dsc f717.
thanks in advance.

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