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chimp Jan 23, 2004 1:21 PM

Monitor / Printer Colour

How do i calibrate the Monitor and Printer so that i get the same shades etc when i print? When i print off some pictures etc they always turn out darker!

My Printer is an old Epson 440 which is still fantastic to use.


slipe Jan 23, 2004 1:41 PM

If you are using an Epson 440 you likely wouldn’t be interested in buying calibration software. If your prints are just too dark but the color balance is good you probably don’t need it anyway.

If you are using Epson photo paper and factory ink the pictures shouldn’t be dark. I had a problem with dark prints on my old HP with some cheap photo paper I bought and just increased the gamma in my photo software. Worked fine. My printer properties also let me adjust my brightness and color tone, but I preferred adjusting the gamma.

If the color balance isn’t perfect after you get the images bright enough and your printer properties doesn’t have an adjustment, an el-cheapo approach that sometimes works is to start with the print and adjust the color temp of the monitor until it looks like the print. That often won't work if you are not using Epson ink as the color balance will be off too far.

If you are using Epson ink and paper you might try running some cleaning cycles. If you set the printer for premium glossy photo paper and use a lesser paper it will also come out dark. Make sure the settings match the paper.

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