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Default More confused than ever - Need advice on new camera - A-70??

Had read all kinds of reviews, looked seriously at Coolpix 3100 and Canon A-70, and had finally decided on the Canon A-70 as having the best reviews and variety of features that appealed to me. Now I'm finding all kinds of horror stories about the E-18 errors and Canon's seeming indifference to them. I've always liked Canon still cameras but the very LAST thing I need is to buy a camera that is just going to freeze up and quit working.

So...for the thousanthd time on this board....I'm looking for minimum of 3mp, like the ability to manual focus and manual exposures, want at least 3x optical zoom (don't care about digital zoom) and don't really care about movies either. Want the best image quality for the money (~$300-$350 or so).

Please help....my head is beginning to hurt!!
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My head hurt as well! I liked the A70 over the A80, but decided on the Minolta S414. It's certainly not just a point and shoot (which the A70 does fairly well), and it's got some down sides. But it was less cash and I accepted the failings because the image quality can be first class. But I can't get it in my pocket easy, and it is thirsty on juice.

There is no perfect digital camera out there. Everybody's needs are different - and so are the specs! At the end of the day, you have to try the camera, understand the good and bad points, and see how well the camera maps to YOUR needs. VOX
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There have been problems with the A70 but, I have a tendency to think part of the reason you read about them so much is due to the fact that so many people buy the Canon's as opposed to other manufacturers cameras. I mean if Canon sell 1000 cameras and 1% of them are bad, that's 10 cameras, where as another manufacter may only sell 100 cameras and have the same 1% failure rate; only 1 camera. Do you see what I mean? Those are just numbers I threw out there but, it does seem like tha Canon's are pretty popular. Again, it's just a theory.
On another note, my A70 has been trouble free and it gets plenty of use. I definitely wouldn't shy away from this camera.

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Hmm, well if itís any consolation, for the past week Iíve been taking photos outside in pretty cold weather and my A70 is still functioning fine. Especially today where we had -10C and the wind was torture for frostbite. From my current use of the camera, itís definitely a good one for its price range. Even in cold weather, a 15 second shutter speed still gives good results. If youíre going to take it out in harsh weather, just make sure to have certain safety guards to protect the hardware from real damage (ie: rain); but this doesnít just apply to the A70, this applies to all digital equipment.

Oh, and if you buy your camera from places like Best Buy, you neednít worry about broken cameras. Just get an extended warranty and youíre set for 3 years.
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