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Another great thing to be said is that the PowerShot A70 leads every other camera tested at the DPreview.com's battery test roundup. It lasted in their test up to more than 5 hours on a set of 4 AA 1600mAh NiMHs! Now that was quite long!

I ended up purchasing the Olympus because of these factors:

1. 10x Optical Zoom
2. Japan-made
3. gibsonpd3620 kinda encouraged me to it!
4. Reputation of Olympus
5. The manager of the store where I bought it gave me such a discount that I only had to add $10 over an A70 to get the C-740!

Good luck on the Powerhot A70, that's the cam I would be using now if I didn't get the C-740.
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Well, at PCWorld the 740 is in first place in the under $500 category, and the 750 is in first place in the over $500 category.

As for lasting 5 hours on a set of batteries, that's pretty low on my list of priorities when it comes to choosing a camera...and I wouldn't use a set of 1600's!

You can't really use that as a judge of camera anyway...is it constant shooting, using flash? The only time I had to worry was when I was at a party and I shot over 100 pictures in an hour. Most of the rest of the time, my batteries last weeks because I don't shoot too often! :roll:
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