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Default My new Fujifilm F200EXR SUCKS! Why? Isn't this one of the best compacts?

Hi! I bought my Fujifilm F200EXR a couple of days ago from DigitalRev's eBay. It was cheaper then at my local dealer.
Anyways, I got it deliverd today. I ripped the package open because i was so excited. But now im just angry and really sad... Because:

**The batterycharger does not fit my socket.

**All pictures get blury - even though everyone has talked about this being one of the best compact digital cameras out there.

**Taking a picture while full-zooming is just a joke.

**The AntiShake feature SUCKS, and makes no difference at the result.

**After ive taken a picture, it takes like 10 sec to be able to manage the camera. It freeze's up.

**The menu is chockingly ugly. It looks like a ten-year-old has drawn the interface.

**There is no "Delete all pictures" - feature. I have to get them deleted one by one - and watch a incredibly ugly animation for 2 seconds before the next picture appears.

**The camera doesn't have any precise settings. I cant find the ISO settings, neither can i find anything else not managing something else than Date, Language and those kind off nonimportant settings.

**You can only focus on something in the middle of the display - it doesnt aim itself.

**Cant use the software. It says "I/O Error" immediatly as i put the camare USB in.

Thats just an oveview of stuffs that bothers me.
Here's some sample pictures, taken with ISO 1600 (Auto) and set to FINE quality:



Please help me!!! Im so sad this was my birthdaypresent to myself... and this far it sucks

Sorry for some grammatic errors - Sweden ftw
// Robert, Sweden
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See my reply to your same post in the Fuji forum.

the Hun
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