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Probably buying the kodak z740.

People say that especially cheaper cameras, made for "the normal guy", takes brighter more colorful photos than normal.

Some cameras, like the one mentioned above, has "color, low color, natural color, black and white, sepia" color modes.

If I use such a camera on low color or natural color, will the photos become more realistic? As good as cameras that take more realistic color photos as default?
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I think it just depends on how much the camera manipulates the image to saturate the colors more. Most cameras initially record an image that is not that colorful (if you look at RAW iages, you see this), and then the colors are enhanced by a program before the image is compressed and recorded. Many cameras allow you to set the amount of saturation you want (like from -2 to 2, with 0 being default and -2 being the colors in the initially-recorded image), and many cameras just manipulate the color saturation as much as they want - this is probably the "normal guy" cameras you're referring to.

Personally, I like bright colors, so I usually crank that setting up, or if it's not an option, it's easy to do in Photoshop or Picasa. I'm not sure what you mean by "realistic", but this is probably the parameter you will want to adjust in order to get more realistic colors (whatever that means to you).

One other issue is that some digital camera sensors are not very sensitive to colors in a certain range of the spectrum. Some sensors make bright/deep purples look blue, others make bright/deep reds look yellow, etc. But this is usually relatively minor, and can be corected with filters or digitally.

Ah, and always make sure the White Balance setting is appropriate for the situation. If your indoor shots all look yellow/orange or your outdoor/daylight shots look blue, then changing the White Balance to Auto (or to whatever lighting situation you currently face) might also improve the colors. I usually leave my white balance setting on "Cloudy day" (icon shows cloud), unless I'm indoors in which case I set it to "tungsten lighting" (icon shows light bulb).
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I'm a bit in a hurry so please give a comment soon. Need to buy the camera tomorrow or last on Friday. I have had a month or so to read through reviews and things so this is not hurry-buying if you think that.

Here aretwo pictures. First one Kodak z740:

Other one Dimage z3

I'm a bit confused. Was going to argue for something, but I need your help: What exactly is it that is different in the two pictures? Which is more true to how it looks "in real" (if you can say that without having seen the place)?

And if I wanted the z740 to look more like the z3, should I use the strong colors mode...or?
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Except aperture priority both have been taken with default/automatic settings.

Kodak seems to have more chromatic aberration if you look edges with big brightness difference near corners. Apparently Kodak uses quite hard contrast enhancement as default. (excessive brightness of higlights)

Considering colours IMO eyes would show it closer to Z3's "view" when you look that Kodak makes color look quite light. But that's again affected by white balance settings.

On the other hand those photos weren't taken in same conditions, there's almost half year time difference, neither these were taken at same clock time.

Here's very good program for checking EXIF data.
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Old Dec 14, 2005, 6:00 PM   #5
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Hmm, not sure how much I understood of that, hehe.

In my opinion, the kodak photo looks too bright. The z3 photo looks better. But is it more realistic? Hard to say, since, as you say it was not taken at the same time. Still, I'd rather have my camera take a photo like the z3 than the kodak z740 if I had to choose one.

But if I can change the color settings on the kodak so it looks more towards z3, it would be good. But isn't the difference in the picture called difference in saturation? The z3 is showing more intensive colors... while it should be the other way round, eh?

Here's a photo taken with the z740 of the same house... but a whole other time of the year, and at high color mode.

That one is not that far away from the colors in the z3... but if the z740 is supposed to bethe camera with saturated colors... isn't this just all the wrong way round?

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