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Default NeEd HELP 4 a DiGiCaM

hi everyone,

I'm actually new in here, as digicam is new to me as well. I want to get a digital camera which has a good quality image, good in low light....but not too professional. There r so many brands and models to choose from. So, I'm pretty confusing rite now!!!...a little bit of stress also...In my mind rite now is Canon Powershot S50.....i choose Canon becoz I think it is the most popular brand.....honestly, i hav no idea......becoz, I'v read u guys' comments in this forum...and people suggest differently.....different brand.....So, plz help!....is Canon S50 good? is any1 in here own one?...i like the Canon G3 model, but it's too professional as i thought, and very bulky.
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Z, what is your price range. I'm very biased towards Canons.

I used Canon SLR for 20 years, before switching to Sony Mavica, now back into a Canon digicam.

My husband uses a Canon SureShot and loves it because he isn't interested in photography and insists on great photos(?), and I use a Canon G2. My son, self-employed in multimedia, uses a Canon G5 for still shots, as back up to his videos, and - touch wood - so far, has had no client complaints.

Canon have such good optics, long storage batteries, great peripherals, and good Canon support.

I'm sold. Can't you tell. (^J^)
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Don't go on popularity alone. Personally, I never let another person's choice to affect mine. You have to try the cameras you've narrowed your choices down to. A big thing is the way a camera feels in your hands...I was at a camera show a few weeks ago and tried a dozen or so cameras to see what's new and how I liked the other brands (actually, none of the other cameras felt as good in my hands as my current camera, and it wasn't just a case of not being used to the other cameras; my current camera felt comfortable right away).
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