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Default Need help picking a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I looking to purchase my first digital camera and am in need of help!!! I've decided that I want a 3 megapixel camera just in case I ever take a photo that I'll want to turn into a 8 x 10. I'm just looking for a point and shoot camera, and most of my pics will be indoors of family and friends. I've done research until my head is spinning. I've narrowed it down to the following:

Cannon A70
Cannon S230
Nikon 3100
Olympus 560

Can anyone offer any suggestions? What is this AF feature I keep hearing about? Do the above models have it?

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The af feature you hear about is probably the auto-focus illuminator which helps the camera focus in low light. I know the a70 and i think the s230 have it and i know the nikon doesn't, but not sure about the rest of them. I'd personally go for the a70 out of those choices, however, some people will say it has a soft focus and swear by one of the other models while some happy a70 and a60 users will say this is the best camera out of the choices. What you should do is go down to your local electronics store and try out each. Also, check to see if they have a trial period or a satisfaction guarantee in case your first impressions turn out to beincorrect.
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I bought the S230 when it first came out last October and am very pleased with it. I'd had an S100 for a couple of years, and I really liked the size of it, but was ready to get a 3 MP camera. (I got the S100 free by using frequent travel points from one of the hotel chains - I expected that I'd use it a bit when I first got it but then it would go into a drawer with so many other 'toys' I'd bought in my long life as a consumer. But the size was so convenient, I used it often - far more than any film camera I'd ever owned..)

The A70 is a newer model then the S230, and it seems to have many of the same features. Looking at it on the Canon website, I can see that it has 3x optical zoom compare to 2x for the S230, and it can operate on 4 AA batteries or the same Canon rechargeable battery as the S230. But it's slightly bigger and heavier. If I were shopping today, I'd have to see it 'in person' to decide whether the slightly larger size/weight and the 'protrusion' on it (which I assume is for the AA batteries????) made it unweildly compared to the S230.

I'm delighted with my S230 (as I was with the S100), and I expect that I'll replace it with another Canon product a couple of years down the road as the technology improves. Not that I have any idea what those improvements will be - but then, when I got the S100 I didn't expect I'd replace it with a camera that could shoot movies of my grandson giggling and walking, and email the movies to my younger son who lives 1000 miles from his nephew and hasn't seen him since Christmas!
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