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Default need help taking pictures of jewelry items

I have the Nikon Coolpix, 10 megapixels, 3x zoom; vibration reduction,etc.
I need to take pictures of jewelry, mainly silver, for a web based business I have started. I bought one of those "white photo tents" with black background,etc but my pictures just "glare" and/or have shadows.
Could you make recommendations on the settings I should use to take these pictures with? I have played with them all as instructed by guy I bought the photo tent from, and all his advice didn't help.
Would appreciate any tips/settings/etc so much.
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Welcome to the forums.

What kind of lighting are you using with it? Most of those tents are designed to diffuse your light sources (so, you'll need to have lighting pointed towards it's opaque fabric). I'd give more information on how it's setup for starters (lights you're using with it, etc.). If you have a link to it, that may help, too.

You'll probably need to use a tripod and set your White Balance to match the lighting. I'd also give more information on the camera model you're using (as it may have the ability to use a custom white balance, measuring the temperature of the lighting inside of the light tent). You may want to use manual settings for the exposure if your camera has that feature, too. We'll need the camera model to tell more about it (as Nikon makes many Coolpix models).

That's not the type of setup you're going to want to use a camera's flash with (the idea behind that kind of light tent is to diffuse external light sources, so that you don't have problems with glare, shadows, etc., if the lights are positioned properly). You'll also want to use a tripod.

So, I'd try to give more details about your setup (camera model, lighting you're using) so that members have more information to go on about your issues.

I'll move this post to our Newbie Help Forum for now for further discussion (as the Contact Steve's forum you posted in is really more for site related feedback). Later, we may want to move it to one of our other forums (for example, our Nikon forum or our Studio Lighting forum, depending on the issues you're having and type of feedback needed).
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Uploading a couple of your problem photos would also help diagnose the problem.

A. C.
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