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I've recently started digital photography, and I've also made it to my high school's year book staff. The thing is, they've given me my first assignment, and it is to shoot a picture of roads (yearbook theme deals with roads, road signs, something like that). At least 12 is mandatory, and I prefer taking road shots near my school, rather than finding a good road and taking a picture of that. (as this is something school related, i thought it'd be more dramatic, and effective if I took a great shot of the road next to our school in a different perspective or something, u guys get the point... ) Anyways taking 12 good pictures will be hard... I also don't own a tripod =(... My equipment is just Canon A95, photoshop, and myself. What are some tips/suggestions for taking road pictures? Also how about some settings, I'll prolly fool around with white balance, and maybe take pictures, both morning, afternoon, and night. But I need more ideas for my composition! Please help!

- Mike
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For a road you probably want the smallest (largest number) aperture you can use. That increases your depth of field so that more things are in focus if you are shooting the length of the road. Try to find an interesting sign for the foreground on one side. For just one photo, a shot down the road is fine. But with multiple road pictures you have to find something interesting to juxtaposition with the road.

Try using your nice articulated LCD and shoot some from close to the road looking down the road.

If you don't have a tripod, bring a box or something to sit the camera on for the night shots. A bean bag is ideal, but even some rags would probably let you angle it better.

I wouldn't go too radical with the white balance if you can use Photoshop. You can get any effect you want and probably have a better start with white balance near the correct setting.

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Try some different stuff... panoramas you stitch together, various perspectives (lie on the road (when no cars are around ;-) ), putting in interesting objects like special interest cars, do a sepia tone with antique cars or horses... use your imagination!
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