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I would recommend a hands on course in basic photography, maybe available at a local community college or perhaps a photo club. Basic fundamentals of photography are the same regardless of the medium (film or digital)
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Hi! I agree with harleyguy. I'm a newbie, too and it definitely can be intimidating in these forums. I have found that if you're patient and show you're willing to learn, then the people here can be quite helpful. I'm taking a 6 week photography class at an area adult learning center. Perhaps you have something like this in your area? Also, check out the camera stores. Many are beginning to offer photography 101 or even digital photography 101. You get to learn what "aperture", "shutter speed", & "ISO" are really about. Good luck!

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Originally Posted by kronuz
one of my more specific questions is, whats the best resolution set for a digi cam if i was to take pictures and uploading it on the internet? do i need to put on the highest resolution settings? thnx for ur patience and comments.
Take em at the highest resolution, always save a manipulated image as a copy so you never compromise the integrity of the original and any that you want to post on the web or e-mail just for viewing on a computer monitor, size down to a manageable size like Ohenery suggested.
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check out this previous thread, it may offer some additional insight :idea:

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I agree... always take your pix at maximum available resolution. More important is framing. Most folks who "snap pictures" try to get too much in the photo. If you want to take a picture of your baby, simply take a picture of the baby.

The camera is really just a window. Aunt Maud at the Grand Canyon is a hard picture to shoot... do you want a photo of Ol' Maud or the canyon? That's where the photographer comes in.

More megapixels are great. They let you crop the pictures you shoot, but you really have to crop your pix before you press the shutter.

I print a lot of nice 13 X 19 inch photos taken with an old 2.6 megapixel camera.
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While in the Library this last Fri. I came across 'Digital Photography for Dummies' (and no I'm not saying your a dummie). This is a well written book that's easy to read as it's written with a great deal of humor. I was skimming through it and came across a good suggestion for resizing (something that I've been futzing with). It covers alot, everything from the science of digital to editing. Give it a try.
Something else you might try, depending on which camera you have, are the Dennis P. Curtin 'Short Course' books. If they have one for your particular camera it will give you tips on how to use your camera more effectively.


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thnx guys for all ur replies will try ur suggestions!
my current settings on my Dimage F100 is 640x480 on SUPER FINE.

imkayd.......yup i saw that book also when i went to the bookstore
unfortunately i wasnt able to get a copy of it but myabe
the next time i drop by there will get one.

bob_wildman......wil change my 640x480 to the highest resolution
and take ur advice from there. thnx!

pk_chopper....thnx for the link that u gave me!
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I'm learning a lot here: www.webphotoschool.com, click on the free lessons, if you like them you can have access to member lessons paying $60.00 per year. I think this is a fair price for all the detailed information at that site.

Good luck!
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