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Do you have the original Fuji software disc...? If so,have you tried installing it...?
Maybe something on the disc,such as a driver,will help the computer recognize it,though strange why it won't recognize the SD card directly...
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How many USB Ports does your laptop have? Generally, computers will share a single USB controller for two adjacent USB Ports. If you've tried the two on the side and they don't work, it's likely that the two on the back would share a different controller, and so should work if it's a hardware problem.

If you've got 4 (or more) USB ports, and none of them work, I think it's more likely to be a software issue than a hardware issue.

Do you have any other USB devices that you could try in all of those ports? ... keyboard, mouse, etc.
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Turn off your laptop. Remove the battery. Use the dusting attachment on a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the vents on the bottom of the laptop, the keyboard, and the battery connections on the battery and the matching ones on the laptop.
Replace battery and try again.

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G'day H

Sounds a facsinating problem ~ to me it seems like another case of Windows mucking up

I wonder -
does the laptop accept 'other' USB devices? - ie: is it the USB port or just this device
if the answer above is -y-, would the system accept your SD card via a card reader?

Maybe our mate Herb might be able to offer a solution - before getting down to Windows-System level & reloading drivers

Regards, Phil
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Default one more idea

I have used a long usb cord in the past that didn't work. It was like my old computer did not have enough electric power to make the proper connection.

But when I switch to a much shorter USB cable, then I had no issues.

Maybe the combination of an older computer which is running an earlier generation of USB doesn't have enough power, so use a shorter cable.

Just guessing.
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