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Default Newbie in the digicamworld, advice on wich to buy!!!!!please

(p.s. my question(s) is a tad to long, but please take your time
to read it)

Hello, I'm just a few days away from finally buying my first digtal camera
wich one??

I have some photografic history, in the past i've shot a lot pictures with an Olympus OM10 mirrorreflexcamera,and also did some photo developing, mainly black and white. So i think i know the basics of photography. But say for the last 10 years i did not do any serious photgraphing except for your average holliday/ family snapshots. i think my interest in developing photos just went away because there were time consuming and i was very busy with my job etc.. You know how life goes sometimes.

Well, as my interest in digital cameras has grown i want to get on the digicamwagon.

I've narrowed it down to 3 camera models:
Olympus c4000z,
Canon digital ixus v3/ s230
or the Fuji finepix s304/ 3800.

The reasons why i'v ended up with these 3 digicams are that they fit into my <500 dollars budget, and all of them have some appealling features.

I like the olympus c4000z for its auto and manual settings its option to put on addon lenses, addon flashes there is even a possibility to buy a marine-pack for it, check out: www.onderwaterhuis.nl (just remember it is in Dutch language).
And did i forget its an 4 megapixel model.
I looks to me that the olympus is the best allround camera of the 3.

I like the Canon di V3/s230 for its size and style. I've read on reviews that it has some manual settings but not as much as the olympus, also there seems to be an major redeye problem with it (see its review on: www.dcresource.com), i don't like the idea on taking photos of people and having to remove the redeye trough photosoftware. I've also read some user comments on www.dpreview.com and the funny thing is that some people really love this camera and others just hate it. some people had trouble focussing with it,one guy even took his canon on a trip made about 750 pictures with it then tried to download them to a laptop but wasn't able to, directly, he had to buy a sperate compactflash carddreader for it, he say that about 30% of the 750 pictures were useless. (that got me thinking).
Nonetheless i like this camera a lot, i've held in i my hands, you gotta love it for its size. I just a nice wannahave.

I'll be short for the Fuji finepix S304/3800:
I mainly like this camera for its telelens.

To sum it all up:

Here 's what i'm thinking:
Go for the olympus, its the best allrounder and will last you the longest time, its also an 4 megapixel model.

Go for the canon, its just all about size and style, but what about the redeyeproblem and those bad usercomments.
Its "just" an 3 Megapixel model. Did i mention its size and style, you gotta love it!!!

Go for the fuji, it has a nice telelens.

Well, i hope i didn't bore you with this long story but i trly need some good advice to make a decision on wich camera to buy, please reply

greetings from Holland
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Download a FREE, simple guide to what actually matters when buying a digicam from http://www.photopix.co.uk

This will give you a few pointers on things to look for beyond the obvious areas of resolution, zoom and manual controls.
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..markiemark: you got here as well! I agree the guide is 'plain and simple' and will help newcomers make their first choice. I found my cam had nearly all the features mentioned in the guide and this is probably true of most good brands. However, my problem was 'how well does the cam perform with those features I personally need and will use most'. And it's Forums like this that tease out the detail and actual user experience, from the numerous cams on offer.

Here's a direct link to the guide download which saves a mouse click!

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Igorzzzz.... I don't believe there are any really bad newish digicams out there. Most of the cams discussed on this Forum have pro's and cons versus price. Sometimes, for a first purchase, a cam that is comfortable, easy to use and the right size will get the pics which you might miss, whilst you're too busy reading the instruction manual for the other model!
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Old Dec 30, 2002, 9:56 AM   #5
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Markiemark and Voxmanga both of you: yhanks for your reply, and thanks for the link for the guide.

I'm think i will buy the Olumpus c4000z although i'm very apealed about the smaal canon s230/v3, mainly for its size, you can take it just everywhere. But i feel the Oly is the better camera, giving you more photographic freedom. And i guess with the Oly there should be a lesser redey-problem. I don't like the idea of taking people shots in lowlight with flash and then afterwards having to reduce the redeye trough software.

Maybe i'll buy a really small camera like the canon s230 or the sony uz 20 in the future, or whatever new models comes out in the future, and maybe a manufacturer will solve the redeye problem on really small digicams, who knows.

BUT for now i'm going for the Oly C4000Z

Thanks a lot guys.

(Man i really need to start shorten my comments, or people will get bored reading my comments)

See ya!!!!!!
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I got some redeye ideas from this Forum:

Stop your subjects drinking before photos (impossible N.Y'rs Eve)
Move further away: Impossible with small cams and small flash.
Offset the flash w. respect to lens: not possible on small cams.
Use Bounce flash: Need External, so more expensive cam features.
Pre-flash, but doesn't always work after drinking.
Subjects wear shades!

Best advice so far, is to perfect technique in editing. Happy N. Year
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Adding to comments on red-eye: IMHO built-in flash units on all cameras (digital and chemical) are junk. They have to be small and close to the lens so produce red-eye and hot-spots. In general, the smaller the camera, the worse the built-in flash. Some are worse than others, but none are really good. If flash is important to you, get a camera that can use an external flash.
... he say that about 30% of the 750 pictures were useless
If that was the first 750 pictures, I'd say he did well. There are enough things to go wrong, and enough experimenting to do that a 30% failure rate would be about what I would expect. Esp if you are fussy about what a success is.
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Can you recommend a slave flash that would work with one or both of my cameras and be convenient enough to hold in one hand while holding the camera in the other? Neither of these cameras have an accessory shoe (hot or otherwise) and neither have a sync connection.

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