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Monarch Sep 7, 2003 4:17 AM

Newbie Help
yeah i know its same old question again for u people.. but i think my situation is different.. actually i am buying a digital camera for my bro.. and i am totally not interested in photography or anything.. and i donno anything about htem... so what ever u guys will shoot will be in considiration..

i want a camera for less then 200$ i know nothing more will come.. but for me being a student thats all i can afford right now..well i was looking around hte net and store for them but couldnt decide which one is good and whic one is bad.. what i know is i want something which has a good zoom and can take good quality pics..

thanks for the help..

eric s Sep 7, 2003 9:14 AM

Unfortunately, I'm at the wrong end of the photography scale to give direct advice. But here are some things we'll need to know.

How serious is he at photogrpahy? Is this just for fun? Does size matter (do you want this to be easy for him to carry around?)

Can you ask relatives to pitch in (i.e. its a birthday present, so they'll help.)

At that price point, you'll probably have to go with a model which is a few years old. That isn't necessary a bad thing, as if you choose well it will still be a good camera. The sweet spot in prices seems to be almost twice that price, though (which the "older" model will help lower.)

Zoom will be a problem, though. Better, longer zooms cost money because they require more materials (and of higher quality.) you might get a 3x zoom, you'll probably have trouble finding a 4x.


Monarch Sep 7, 2003 6:36 PM

Thanks Eric for the help.. well its not exactly a birthday present.

actually his O-levels results just came out 2 weeks ago and he got 7 A* so to appreciate his hardwork, i thought to give him a present personally.. the reason i decided on giving a cam was his old camera died few months ago. and even him is not a photo freak.. he is casual user..well 3x-4x would be good if u say so because i got now idea how good they r.

the size of the camera exactly doesnt matter.. well about the price i said 200$ but u know if i get something good little above the price i am ready to cheap some more .

thanks for the help

slickShooter Sep 8, 2003 9:19 PM

I'm assuming your talking American prices here and if so I'd think you could pick up a Canon A40 or maybe even an A60 for that price.
Which is in my opinion a good little camera for basic needs.
The A40 is a little older and may be abit harder to find but should come in around that price.It has a 3x optical zoom and is a 2 megapixel camera which is enough for a novice user.

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