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This is the second question I've posted in this forum (and I feel a little stupid for asking but youdidn't laughmy last question, so here goes).

I've a Canon S31S I bought recently. I was in Detroit a couple of weekends ago and (naturally enough) went to car museums. Some of the cars I photographed looked like they wereeither slightly outof focusor hadan overly excessive sheen coming off them.

A week later I was in Washington (nothing exciting I'm affraid) and at the Jefferson Memorial and had the same problem.

I'm assuming that a generally approved of camera isn't really at fault, so what am I doing wrong?
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Without seeing any of the pictures, I can only guess, and my guess would be that the highly reflective areas are a little overexposed. This tends to make them look as if they are out of focus, or glowing. You probably need to lower your exposure by about 1/3 to 1/2 EV.

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Is it possible that your camera is trying to focus on what's reflected in the shinny metal, instead of on the shinny metal itself?

This happens when trying to shoot an image reflected in a mirror (my avatar, for instance.)
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