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Good point Bill. I have an older version of Paintshop Pro and it was a great tool. In fact I still use if for Red eye removal - I don't know why Photoshop can't get this concept down - even the CS version does a poor job of it in my opinion.

The only problem I had with it was finding people to help out with it. That's what finally drew me over to the Photoshop camp - PSP may be as good a product but I think both products are too complex to figure things out on your own.
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I also used a PSP a few years ago, and it was very good. Went for PhotoShop for adjustment layers primarily, and I think recent versions of PSP has that.

True, there aren't as many resources for PSP as for the Adobe products, but do you really need 3,458,792 tutorials? Some of which are good. You do make a good point about suport: looking for that should be part of figuring out what to get. I was able to find enough for PSP, but certainly not the amount available for Adobe.

I also found that the hard part wasn't figuring out how to do something - it was figuring out why to do something. Curves as a clear example - once I realized what it did from reading stuff about PhotoShop, it wasn't hard to figure out how to do it in PSP.
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Hi! I was suprised by the simplicity and efectivness of the freeware soft Picasa 2. You can download it from it's web site:


You have most of the frequently needed tools there,and the Red-eye reduction works great.

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I agree on the usefulness of Picasa, it has the best redeye correction I have used and is vastly easier than doing it manually in PS 7. The best tutorial I have found on PS is the Real World Photoshop series by David Blatner and Bruce Fraser. I have been using PS since version 5 and never had a very good understanding of it until I bought this book on PS 7.
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