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Hi, I know it's going to be down to me being an idiot, please help!

I have an FZ-20, which takes amazing pictures. If I use it on the highest resolution(other than TIFF)& largest picture size(2560), when I print the pictures I am getting boxing/pixelation(even up to A4 prints).

Isthis down to my software/personal error/printer? It's not the best printer but has printed very good photos from previous digital cameras, the software I use is Adobe Photoshop CS.

I want to get some printed properly but I'm worried I will get a load of pixelated, bad photos.

Thanks for any help.

Nicky :?

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What is the document size that you're printing from?
The resolution in pixels isn't neccesarily what you're outputting to the printer -- that's why you have to check the document size. That will tell you the resolution that you are sending to your printer.
For highest quality prints with an inkjet, 240-300 dpi (depending on how good your printer is) is what you want to output to the printer. If you have to use interpolation to get that kind of resolution for the size print that you want to make, image quality will also suffer. Upsizing through interpolation forces the program to literally "invent" data. The invented data is just a mathematical guess at what should be there if the original image file were larger.
I hope that something that I just said is helpful!
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Have you tried using the printing software that came with your printer?
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Problems often come when people crop the image. A4 is a different ratio from your camera images and you have to trim some off to print A4.

Many cameras download the image at 72PPI. That doesn't really have anything to do with the image, the JPG file just needs something in the file for resolution. According to how you are cropping the image you could possibly be keeping that 72PPI in an A4 sized print and throwing away most of your pixels. 72PPI gives a poor print.

To crop the image in CS, select the crop tool. In the boxes above put 297mm in the width and 210mm in the height (or the other way round). Put NOTHING in the resolution box. Photoshop will constrain the crop to the right ratio and keep all of the pixels it doesn't crop off without a resample. You can then go Image>Image Size to see what PPI you ended up with.

If your crop boxes aren't in mm you can right click on each box individually and select mm. It should print fine directly from Photoshop if your printer lets you select borderless printing.

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