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leefletcher Aug 15, 2003 8:17 AM

Newbie requires guidance!
Hi All

I need some advice on what camera to buy, can you help??

I just have an APS at the moment but I am going travelling for a year and I want a digital camera to capture all the things I'll see.
The camera needs to be small, light, tough, with a good zoom, a little weatherproof if possible and not hugely expensive. I know, I've asked for the world and want it to be cheap, but does any such camera exist? I'm not looking for professional quality, just a high enough resolution to take good pictures, I'm thinking 3megapixel but please, advise me if I'm taking a wrong step there.

Has anybody done a similar thing and can offer me advice? I just really want to know my options, I surfed the forum and whilst there's loads of great info I couldn't see what I needed.

Also, I saw an advert the other day for a 4mgeapixel camera, but there was a note in the smallprint that said there were 2.1 effective megapixels, any idea what this means?? I've understood it to mean it's actually no better than a 2.1MP camera but i was concerned to see it advertised as having almost double the number of megapixels, is this something I should watch out for?? Does it mean a 3 megapixel camera wont actually take 3megapixel-quality pictures?

Thanks guys, all help is gratefully received!!!

ardvark50 Aug 17, 2003 12:29 AM

The 4mp is probably interpolated which is rare in cameras so I wouldn't worry too much about getting duped into a low mp cam. For a sturdy weatherproof camera, I'd suggest the Olympus stylus 300. It is 3mp and weatherproof so it should hold up pretty well on your trip.

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