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Originally Posted by Athlon_Rulz
Actually, WinME even if "installed" properly, has proven buggy for many users. It seems u lucked out(as did I when i had it). BUT WinME is in NO way rock solid. I suggest u try out Win2k Pro.

Also, i suggest u reformat b4 u install an OS, and fresh install always
Hey Guy,
No luck, just know how. I build about 100 computers a year, been with this thing since 1977.
On reformat NO, if you have WINME save file during install that allows you to uninstall ME and be right back to 98 just as it was. I know how much the avarage person does not know and its scary. Buggy is not from the OS, but improper drivers, dos based software and improperly installed hardware.
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Well I don't want to cause arguments here, actually on my Athlon (which Rules) I run 98SE, mainly because I'm a DOS guy who has learned to fix just about any hicup 98SE can throw at me, that's both hardware and software. So the Devil I know is better than the other ME/XP devils others are still trying to figure out.

I don't stuff my pc full of shaky progs or hardware which cause probs, It's set up to do the tasks I want, and those it will do well until the next round of super cams, 3D imaging or you name it comes along. We run office machines on 98SE and so I also get free tech. support should I rarely need it.

I also have Win2K dual boot through a second partition, but that only gets used to help out guys on this forum who can't get their cams to work!

Yours truly, 98SE Luddite!
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actually buggy IS from OS. Y do u think we have to update the our OS every once in a while. Im not dissing ur OS, im just saying WinME is not "better" than 98. WinME just has more goodies filled in, and marginally better support for USB devices. If u want GOOD support for USB items, use WINXP. Ur experience in computers is great, but building a computer, much less a 100, is no big deal. Heck i can do 100 computers a week.

Also what do u mean by save file which allows u to uninstall ME so u can go back to 98.

And about the reformat. A reformat is ALWAYS good for the computer, as is a defrag. An OS reinstalled on a reformatted HDD or partition will install in contiguous fragments of the harddrive, thus ensuring ur OS is more speedy, and effecient.

To help the poor guy out, im jus suggesting if he's going to another OS neways, dont go to WinME, bcuz WinXP and Win2k Pro are MUCH better, not just marginally.

And yes with computers there is an aspect luck, especially if one has it prebuilt. Ur "lucky" if the company used thermal grease instead of a pad. Ur lucky if u got 5ns ram instead of 5.5ns on ur vid card.

To the main poster: If u are going to get a new computer, opt to use either WinXP if u can get it, and if u dont want to get another OS use 98SE. Dont bother spending money to buy WinME.
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After many hours of trying to sort out my seemingly incompatible 4300 and Compaq computer, the problem has been solved!! And it was so, so simple...The camera's USB option was set on PTP instead of mass storage. (Who knew?) The first Nikon guy I talked to, bless his heart, tried everything to make it work. He finally gave up and asked me to call back when there were more techs on hand. The guy I spoke with today picked up on this right away and just like that (snap!) I'm in business. The Nikon people were great, even though the first guy couldn't get it fixed, I know he tried his best.

Thanks to those who offered suggestions. I'm sure I'll be back soon with more questions!!

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