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A mini-tripod would be good. Or even a monopod. Try both out.
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The self timer trick works wonders as mentioned ina previous post, dont overlook it. set it to 2 sec delay, aim and press. in 2 sec your shot will go off with no shake from you if you set it on something. Also helps even if your holding the camera because you can focus solely on holding steady, not depressing the button.
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Fishbait, I understand the pain. I myself am having the same difficulty you are. You can read my other post in this area called FZ% night sports. I meant to say FZ5, but hit the wrong key.

I have read through everything that JimC advised, and I am getting close to getting this accomplished, although, like he said, I don't think it will be possible with my camera. ISO max is 400 speed, aperature is 2.8. Not high enough ISO or open-enough aperature to have this perfect. I tried last weekend to get the best shots I could get, and I got close. ISO was 400, f2.8 at 1/40 or so on the shutter speed. I did not use a tripod, but I could rest my arms on the sideline fence. I imagine a tripod would yield better results.

Here is a shot at a night game with no action: (scaled down a little)

Another right after with action. ISO400, f2.8 at 1/40 shutter:

Now during the day:

And another during the day:

I would look into getting Noiseware also like he mentioned. It fixes the graininess problem with the night shots.

I am still experimenting around with the settings and hope I will get a reasonable setting to use.

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