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I just recently bought this camera (Nikon 5600 Coolpix) and have some difficulties getting it to shoot good (non-blurred) night pictures. I was at a wedding this past weekend where in the banquet hall there was little lighting .. so taking the pics on AUTO did have good results (too dark). Taking the pics on "night" setting provided the proper lighting but BLURRED .. if the object was moving it was all BLURRED. If the object was still chances are the picture comes out alright (85% of the time).

Now my question is this, what setting can/should I use? What should I look at playing with here for shooting moving objects (people) at night time? SHould I set it to Scene mode and then use something in there? What has given you best results in my situation, need some much needed help.

The day time pics for this camera are great, no complaints at all here.

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Greetings. I believe the Coolpix 5600 is a really great camera, but, it has its problems. I have experienced problems similar to yours and I believe the root cause is the low ISO (sensor sensitivity) which results in very slow shutter speeds in low-light situations. Probably the only work-around would be to use flash whenever possible and movement is in question. That should at least help address the problem.

If you are planning a lot of photography in low-light situations you really nead an SLR such as the Nikon D100 which will provide relatively noisless work up to an ISO of 1600 or so compared with an ISO rating of 50 for the 5600. Wish I had more pleasant news but those are the realities of real life photography.

Hope this helps.

Richard LS
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Try playing with the exposure time. Reducing it will avoid you from taking over exposed pics... in a wedding with too much light, in auto mode, the photos will be over exposed. Reduce the time to 0.7 or 0.3 and you´ll see improvement. That worked for me in my 4600, but i too believe that is great for beginners but now i want more... but not to spend that much. The kodak 7350 may be a nice choice, since i think that you can adjust the ISO... a big fault on the 4600/5600 nikon series. I don´t know about the 5900, but lot of people have recomended me that one...
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