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Default Nikon 8700 vs Nikon D70

I am about to buy my first digital. I have been using a Nikon SLR and wanted to buy a Nikon. Am not too fond of the plastic bodies but it seems I'll be stuck with one unless I can afford a pro-SLR. I want a camera that takes good pictures, can be used either on auto or manual mode, and wont be obsolete in six months. Wondered which camera would be better for me 8700 or D70. Could someone give me their opinions on the pros/cons of buying one over the other? Thanks a lot.
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First learn something about digital photography by learning a photo editor. Get a few rolls of film put on CD, cheap when done at the time of processing - also fairly low resolution which is just fine for learning how to use an editor. After using it for a while, you will have a better idea of what you want.

If you have a good selection of Nikon glass, you are not going to be happy seeing it sit on the shelf so you are going to talk yourself into the DSLR.

You might want to consider getting a cheap, small digicam that fits in your pocket while you think about it and learn more about digital. You can either keep it as a party camera or give it to your niece/son/... for Christmas/birthday/... when you get the DSLR.
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FYI: Should have mentioned it in my prior post, but I don't have a lot of Nikon lenses so the choice for me is really between which of these two cameras has more pros than cons in the eyes of non-newbies. Thanks again.
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Take a look at thru the viewfinder of the 8700 and you will instantly know which camera to buy.
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I am no newbie to digicams and have been using them since they first arrived in Australia. I am new to my Nikon 8700 and I am thrilled with the results I have been getting with it. For me it is the Rolls Royce of all the digicams I have used in the past 5 years. hope this helps with your selection:-)
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I also own the Coolpix 8700. I love this camera, it takes great images. They are crystal clear at low ISO, very little post processing is necessary. There are lots of choices with a digicam you cannot get with a DSLR. Image quality at higher ISO's has to go to the DSLR camera. There's also the high cost of all the lenses for the DSLR. However, for the convience of not have to haul around different lenses and not having to worry about debris getting inside the camera, the Coolpix wins out.

You need to be aware that the Coolpix does have it's limitation though. I had to buy an add on wide angle lense to get to 28mm, the Coolpix only gets to 35mm. It works great so problem solved. Every camera you look at has something that makes it imperfect, so just choose one that is right for you. Good luck.
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