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Default Nikon P90 Flash Options

I have just bought a Nikon P90 (Used but MINT). It also came with
a Precision Design DSLR300 External Flash Bar, but I'm not sure
whether the two pieces ever worked with each other. Does anybody
have any experience on these two pieces. Or, is there any external
Flash that will work with the Nikon P90, since it does not have a
Hot-Shoe like the Kodak Z980. Unfortunately the DSLR300 user manual
was missing, so if possible I would also like information on how I might
get my hands on one of these manuals.
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Not familiar with the flash but, I'm assuming it will work as a slave flash. That's the only way I know to use an external flash with the P-90.
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Default Got it to work- here's how

It works now, but just in case others might be interested, here is some information.

The DSLR300 came with a right angled support bracket. the Camera of course mounts on the horizontal portion of the bracket, and the vertical portion to which the DSLR300
is attached contains an on/off switch and also a "Sync" button. This detects the flash from the camera and triggers the flash on the DSLR300.

There are five settings that you can scroll through, but you need to experiment to get the best setting.

Leave the flash mounted on the stalk but remove the camera from the assembly. Now point the camera directly at the larger flash unit with the sync setting at it's lowest point and take a picture of it.

The goal here is to have the external flash pop at the exact time that the P90 flashes and takes the picture. If this happens, the entire picture will be bright white. Keep moving that sync setting up and taking a picture until it's properly synchronized (or you are happy with the

You can now mount the camera back onto the bracket assembly

One more thing: with the external flash attached, the camera won't function like it would with a typical flash.

The camera won't know that the external flash is on, so your pictures may come out overexposed unless you compensate for this with the
camera settings. Two quick ways to adjust this.

First - set the camera to "A" mode (that's Aperture priority mode) and set the aperture to be smaller than usual (this corresponds to a higher
Experiment with different settings to find the best setting and perhaps also your best flash-bounce angle.

Second - set the camera to "S" mode (shutter priority mode) and adjust the shutter speed to be faster than usual.
Again experiment with different settings to find the best setting and perhaps your best flash-bounce angle

One or the other of these will work. Turns out that the best setting I have found so far, is to turn ON the on/off switch on the vertical stalk,
set the Sync setting in the #3 position. Turn on the DSLR300. Turn on the
camera, and set for Flash On, set the camera to "A" (Aperture priority mode) and chose F-8, and set the bounce angle on the flash quite high
(not directly at the target subject).
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