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Originally Posted by BigDaddy12t View Post
WOW! Talk about over my head! I am starting to wonde if I am in over my head.
Oops! I didn't mean to discourage and don't be discouraged, all of started out knowing nothing about photography. I was just suggesting keeping your BS meter turned on reading both material over the Internet and in print. If an author doesn't appear explain the why of a recommendation don't put it fact cabinet of your mind. Even school textbooks have errors.

Both Sarah Joyce and TCav have suggested good sources of information and methods to learn photography. While many have taught themselves photography classroom instruction has value for even those with some knowledge in that it provides a structure for organizing existing information

A. C.
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Read, experiment, think, ..., repeat forever.

If you are lucky, you will keep on learning.
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I'll echo all the above and add: Some community college courses might be loaded with students owning a certain brand of dSLR, with an instructor who favors certain cameras. Don't be cowed. Learn the basics: exposure, composition, light. Don't rush -- there's an immense amount of information to absorb. Visit libraries regularly and methodically read everything they have on photography, even (especially) old film-era stuff. Look carefully at classic photos. Learn how they were made. Imitate, emulate, plagiarize. Practice practice practice. Shooting is free now, so shoot omnivorously. And study art. Artists have dealt with lighting and perspective and composition for quite a while now, and you can steal their techniques. Remember, photography is literally "drawing with light". Learn to use light, and you've got it made.
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