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C-4000 uses SM, not XD. I am extremely pleased with my Oly, but did not try different cameras. Takes awesome pics. I just take my SM into my local camera store--prints straight from the SM come out fantastic in auto or manual. At some point you may want to add a teleconverter. Which camera will you easier/cheaper be able to add onto?
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I am not sure which camera has better and or cheaper add ons. I am still doing research. I plan on visiting a good store for digital cameras this weekend. Thanks.
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Another plus for the C-4000 is that it uses good old AA batteries opposed to the Lithium of the Nikom 4300. I thnk this is a great advantage cos you can find a ready supply at virtual any store in an emergancy.

I mean how many times have you got out your camcorder on the spur of the moment, only to find that the battery needs charging, plus if you have kids you will probally have a ready supply of AA batts lying around the house.

I personaly purchashed a 2 sets of MiMh rechargables and can honestly say I have never been caught out witout power YET!!
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As to newegg.com having the wrong card listed, that's nothing. I once saw a camera advertised on amazon.com that came with a free 64mb sm memory card as a promotional offer, problem was, the camera used sd. So not only did they mess up in their product description, they were actually giving away the wrong card.
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As long as the memory the camera uses can store enough shots for your needs and is reliable enough then it doesn't really matter if another sort of memory is slightly better. With regards to future proofing, as long as you can use the memory with the current camera, why worry about whether you can use it with the next camera? Technology in this area is moving so quickly that the chances of you needing /wanting/being able to use the memory in a camera you buy in the future is marginal.

Both cameras seem to have received good notices. I have an Olympus C-4000z and have been very pleased with it. All pics on my site - including a samples page - where taken with the C-4000z.

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