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jolynd Dec 18, 2003 3:37 PM

Olympus c730uz. Quality saving and printing.
:? Hello all. I have just discovered this website and excited about that!
I have an Olympus C-730 UZ, with no extra added goodies, other than an AC adapter. I've only had this for about a year, and I don't even see it listed anymore on the Olympus site. Is it obsolete already? I'm just a home user of this, and all the setting options are overwhelming.
My questions are these:
I like to take my photos and alter them in Corel Photopaint, masking out certain things and then using it to make my own greeting cards.
I realize the pictures are taken and stored as jpeg, so what is the best kinds of settings to take them in and also for saving so they don't have the jaggies? Do I have to take the pics in tiff mode only for this?
The pictures when taken are so huge, that to get them down to a reasonable size, like 4"x5" for ex. I wonder how much detail is lost.

Thanks for any guidance.


selvin Dec 19, 2003 1:21 AM


The Olympus 730UZ is not obsolete, it merely is no longer very actively marketed by Olympus.

I just bought the 730UZ a few months ago and did take a look at the 740 and 750 models but selected the 730 becasue of price and a few other benefits. I love the 730 because it will take both Smartmedia and SuperXD cards. The newer models will take only the XD cards which are quite a bit more expensive.
I appreciate the extra heft of the 730 over the newer models.

You will not have any problems printing pictures from 3x4 all the way to 8x10 inches even using the standard JPG settings on the camera. Unless you are really good at deciphering the issues regarding compression and other similar arcane digital minutiae I would first try to get some experience with your camera in standrad settings before you tackle adjustments to JPG compression etc..

Another member of this forum recommended taking a couple of hundred photos prior to taking any critical shots.

Don't worry your software does most if not all the figuring out what to do when asking it to print say 4x5 pictures from your 3.2 megapixel shots.

jolynd Dec 19, 2003 11:03 AM

Okay, thanks very much for the reply. I guess I'll just keep on playing with it.


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