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Default Which one?

:? I am ready to purchase my first digital camera. The driving force at this particular time is a scheduled trip to Africa this coming fall with a family member who will be hunting large game. The two cameras I have looked at the hardest are the Minolta A1 and the Cannon EOS Rebel. I will not be in a savannah setting with large herds at great distances, however, 100 to 200 yard distances will typically exist, so the ability of the optics included with these two models are important, I would guess. I am not very experienced, but am willing to put in the time to operate a quality camera correctly. Any advice is welcomed!
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Well, both cameras are good, but the Canon will give you better results overall, and gives you options for lenses. It depends on how much money you wish to invest, and if the bulk/weight of carrying lenses around bothers you. The Rebel "kit" only comes with an 18-55mm lens, that would not be nearly great enough for wildlife photography.

Canon makes a 70-300mm lens with image stabilization (I.S.) that is really good for wildlife photography. It runs around $550.00 (U.S.) but is a little weighty. You can get cheaper lenses by other makers that cover a 70-300 or 100-300mm range, but they will not offer the image stabilization feature which will come in handy if you're not rock-steady when taking a photo, or in low light. On a Rebel, that 300mm lens will really be around 450mm too, making telephoto shots even better.

Other options include a 28-135mm I.S. lens, but it won't give you the range for wildlife shots the other will. The Minolta is smaller and lighter weight, but won't give you the lens options. The Canon will give you better images for enlargements as well due to it's larger image sensor size (gathers more light, has less noise, etc.), but the Minolta still takes "good" images.

So it depends on how much you want to carry around, and your wallet. You're talking $1,200 to $2,000 (U.S.) to get a "good" lens with the Rebel, as opposed to half that or so, for an A1. The Rebel setup will give you better and closer results, however. Up to you.

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The A1 would be my choice because I would not want to carry around the extra lens that Greg has mentioned. I also would not want to spend the money to buy all the equipment.
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The A1 is almost a third the cost of a Rebel with a good long stabilized lens in the US currently. You will get better pictures with the Rebel with that lens but it is more to carry.

Other options are the new A2 with 8Mp and a much nicer viewfinder. And the Panasonic FZ10 with a stabilized 12X (to 420mm eq.) zoom that maintains f2.8 throughout the range. It is a little bulkier than the A1 but a little lighter. It is only 4Mp, but you will get more usable pixels in the shot at 100 200 yards than with the A1 or A2. The A1/A2 are better all round cameras but the FZ10 is hard to beat for a practical stabilized long telephoto.
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I vote for the Rebel, probably just because that is what I bought but I am guessing you will want to use your camera when you come back from Africa.

Maybe you can rent a camera while you're there. Just a thought
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