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Default Which one .Help

Hi, I'm wanting to buy a digital camera, used mostly to shoot items to put on ebay,and other general pictures. Im wanting to stay under &450. Like everyone I want to get the best for that amount. Also I don't want to buy a used or refurbished one. I see that there is several 5 mega pixel ones at that price.

Pentax opti 555
Olympus Camedia C-50
Minolta Dimage 6500
Kodak Easy Shot DX4530
Cannon Powershot G5
Cannon powershot S50
HP Photosmart 945

Was wanting to find out which one would be better.Maybe other ones in that range ?.

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I have had an Oly C50 since it was released Ė 1 Ĺ years+. It has been a good camera and I have taken many excellent shots with it. I find a lot of uses for the included remote. But it uses pricey and dead-end xD cards and is a little dated. I would have bought a Pentax 550 had it been available at the time because it is the same size with a 5X zoom and slightly better optics.

The 555 has fixed many of the complaints owners had with the 550. I have 3 good cameras but get more shots with the C50 because it is always with me. I carry it in a tiny leather belt pouch but it will fit in my pocket. Based on my use I would probably get a Pentax 555 if I could have only one camera. The others I have are more competent but it is a hassle carrying them around.

Iím not familiar with the Minolta 6500 Ė Iím guessing you mean the G500. Great little camera at a terrific price. A better choice than the C50 IMO.

The S50 is a little big and heavy for your pocket. You might be able to find a small belt pouch that would work though. If you are going have to carry it I would go with the G5. Faster lens and easier to use and hold. Both are excellent cameras.

The HP 945 is a dynamite camera with some great features. I donít think you can stay within your budget buying both a memory card and either batteries and charger or a dock Ė you need one or the other. Lithium batteries are too pricey and alkalines are short lived and will also end up eating up your pocketbook. There are a lot of interesting innovations in that camera. Some people donít like EVFs. I really like them because you get real-time feedback from the CCD and can access everything without the LCD. I also like the 2 inch LCD. It appears to have aperture and shutter priority but not manual. I use manual often with all of my cameras and wouldnít much like that if it is the case.

The Kodak 4530 is just too limited IMO. By the time you buy batteries and charger you are almost in the price range of the G500, which is pocketable and has full user controls.

Newer cameras can fill a 256Mb card with proprietary batteries and some will even fill a 512Mb card Ė probably none you listed though. I have never bought a spare battery for my C50 and often fill my 256Mb xD card. Proprietary batteries make for smaller and lighter cameras and you donít have to buy a charger as they come with the camera. AAs make for inexpensive spares but I donít find you need them anymore unless you buy a really big memory card.

An efficient raw mode is great but I find TIFF to be an impractical format for a digital camera. SHQ mode is also a good feature but too few cameras have it. I wouldnít personally base a decision on whether a camera had a TIFF mode. Raw or SHQ JPG yes, but not TIFF.

This is a little pouch I carry my C50 in. The 555 or G500 would also fit nicely. I carry the remote in the front pocket. I found it at a gun show but our local flea market has many similar. I would prefer nylon but havenít run across one of the exact right size that didnít need modification to the belt loop. Even if I had a tiny Pentax S4 I would still prefer a belt pouch for it:

This is also handy for a small camera. The velcro strap lets you attach it to anything handy if you canít find anything to set it on unfolded as a tabletop tripod. It weighs only 2 ounces and costs less the $10 online. Ultrapod:

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