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raiderfan Apr 28, 2011 6:32 PM

P100 Night Photo help
I need to know what the best settings are for shooting night time shots on the Nikon P100... I am going to Las Vegas next week, would like to take some cool night time shots.

About me, I consider myself an amateur, lol, I am good with taking photos, but to be honest I mostly shoot using the automode... so would need some tips for settings for night shots like should I use P, S, M, ???? I can figure out how to scoll and get lower ISO settings and f, but cant figure out the shutter speed and how to adjust it? Or what's best to use for shooting still night photos with this camera?

If anyone has the P-100 and can offer any help or lead to me where I can find out about the P100 settings for night shots would be great...

thanks in advance!

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