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Default Panasonic Lumix FZ1 vs Canon A70

I am totally a newbie and I'm thinking in buying a dital camera. After reading in this Web and in "quesabesde.com" (Spanish) I have a dilemma between 2 totally different cameras.

These are the pros and cons from my point of view.

Panasonic Lumix FZ1
++ x12 Optical Zoom
++ Optical image stabilization.
-- Little manual controls.
-- 2 megapixel

Canon A70
++ 3 Megapixel.
++ Manual/Automatic controls.
++ Compact Flash memory.

I have friends who say that it is much better having a good Optical Zoom rather than having more MegaPixels. But I am not very sure if I'll miss in the future the manual controls that the A70 can offer.

I know they're very different cameras, but can you help me to decide ?

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Well there's a tough one for you.

I own the A70 and the range of manual control made it a no decision situation for me - I have used 35mm cameras for 20 years or so and on the two occasions I gave up manual control SLR's in favour of point and shoot compacts I regretted it greatly - no cam without reasonable manual controls will ever tempt me period !!

That said the Panasonic looks a very nice cam with some definite plus points.

I have the current issue of what digital camera magazine and they like this cam a lot.

As you say great zoom range AND stabalised too very tempting.

It has a Leica lens verryyy nice. Lovely design. The review states it's image quality is better than ANY other 2mp model on the market and better than most 3mp's too.

If this cam had:

Manual controls - say to the equal of the A60/70
A price tag some 40% less

I would Buy/beg/steal/borrow one if I did not already have a cam.

To my requirements/desires the main decision is the matter of manual controls and I feel I have made my views on that clear above. I have to say I am amazed that so many cams out there offer little/no manual controls - to my mind it is just not good enough by a long way.

The A70 gives me loads of manual control for a comparative bargain price of 250.

I suspect you will be happy with either cam and maybe the question of manual control now OR later in your digicam use may be a big factor to consider.

BTW the mag gave the following rating out 0f 20 for image quality:

A70 15/20
FZ-1 19/20

Hmm maybe Megapixels aint everything.

Hope that helps a little and doesn't confuse further too much :lol:

Hope you are very happy with whichever you choose and that it gives you many happy years of picture taking

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also if you haven't already done so you may want to take a peek at the following thread on this site :

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I like the a70 because it has a great feature set and can take add-on lenses so you can extend the zoom that way if you wish.
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