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Sorry to post such a basic question.

I have just got my first digital camera (Canon S2 IS- brilliant!) and my ancient PC with Windows 98 can't cope. Photoshop takes for ever and crashes often, so it's time for a new PC.

I don't want to play games,or watch DVDs, just upload photos and use photoshop fast.

Would be really grateful for advice re what spec I need for memory, graphics card etc.



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The graphics card isn't that important for editing pictures. As long as it can match your monitors display for resolution and display 16 million colours. The higher spec cards are more important for speeding up 3-D graphics.

Any modern PC will have sufficient processing power. Memory is important you need at least 512MB and 1GB is better. From reports I've read there is not much benefit to having more than 1GB for photo processing. And of course you want a large hard disk and DVD writer for back up.

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Hi Caroline,

I can sympathise you as i'm in the process of having to upgrade my PC :?!

It's going to depend on what version of Paintshop your intending on using, but as a minimum I would recomend the following:

at least 1 gig memory

at least 2 gig processor (i would suggest getting a processor based on 64bit architecture as this will be a requirement for running the new microsoft windows when it is released)

At least 300gig hard drive for all those pictures! You could keep costs down by opting for an external hard drive that just plugs into your computer via usb cable, pretty handy as your storage then becomes mobile.

With regard your graphics card, If your solely doing image editing then I dont consider it essential, if you do get one go for either Nvidia or Radeeon manufacturers with a minimum of 64 meg on board memory but you can now get pretty good deals on 128meg versions.

If you need any more help just drop me a message.

Kind Regards, L1
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1 gig SDRAM memory

hyper threading dual processor

'mirrored' RAID array HD

CD writer for backup (use archival 'gold' CDs)

DVDs are notoriously unreliable for B/U purposes
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longside1 wrote:
i would suggest getting a processor based on 64bit architecture as this will be a requirement for running the new microsoft windows when it is released
Microsoft has been very vague on the exact hardware requirements for Vista.

But, I did read a recent review implying that an Itanium processor would be needed for some of the "special" editions: :-)


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I am in the same boat - WIN98 on a 900Mhz PC that I still hope to limp along for a while. Not crashing to badly, so will go with it while I watch prices drop on new PCs. When I upgrade, I will look for a graphics card that supports dual monitors. That will allow putting the palets/menues/drop-downs/... on my old monitor while I view my images on a better monitor.

Of course lots of memory, a fast hard drive, and the ability to transplant my current drives into it - that will save a lot of problems transfering stuff.
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