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I am interested in purchasing a photo printer strictly for printing larger photos. I already have a color laser printer anda 4X6 dye sublimation printer. I really like the detail and color in the dye sub pics. I was thinking of the Olympus 440, the Canon 9900, or the Epson 2200. I was wondering what people felt about each of these and which would be better for my needs. I am an amateur and do not need high output. I have an Olympus c8080. I am most interested in picture quality. Reliability is obviously important as is ease of use. Is dye sublimation still better than inkjet or have the new inkjets caught up? As far as the Canon is concerned what is the lifespan of the Canons prints? Any advice would be appreciated.


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I have been a die-hard Epson user for several years. My current Epson 1270 has done a great job for about four years, but has recently started to leave cyan streaks when printing highest resolution prints. I bought this printer refurbished for about $250 in 1999.

I just ordered a new Canon i9100. This printer's price has plummeted since the new i9900 was introduced. I paid about $260 (including shipping) for it, down from about $500 just a few months ago. Cartridges are available from third party suppliers. The i9100 is much faster than the old Epson and has a reputation for less clogging than I have experienced in the past.

Can't really recommend it yet, but the specs look very good. Buying last year's model has worked well for me in the past. Be sure to look into ink cost... that will be much more than the initial cost of the printer in the first year.
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Read Steve's review of the Canon 9900. It does fantastic prints.

The 9900 I think will print only 24 inches width so it won't do large panoramas. The Epson 2200 will go to 40 inches width and uses pigmented ink, which is much more fade resistant. It doesn't match the print quality and a big print takes many times as long to print as the 9900.

If you don't want to print panoramas and don't mind them fading over time hanging on the wall the Canon is the nicer printer.

The Oly 440 doesn't do large photos – just 8 X 10 I think. Looked at under magnification the dye-sub probably is smoother, but at any normal viewing distance the 9900 is so good you aren't likely to see the difference. Your ribbon and paper costs are high compared to inkjets. I refill my Canon and can do an 8 X 10 for about 25c.

As far as life span it is dependent on where and how it is displayed. If it gets a lot of indirect sunlight it will fade noticeably in a couple of years. I have a S9000 that uses the same ink and the prints do fade. There is UV spray and glass that is supposed to cut down on the fading. I just print another one if I still want it on the wall. They don't fade at all in storage and fade very slowly displayed in other than a very bright room.
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Thanks for the info. I am looking at the Canon 9900 now.

Regards, Brian
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