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Actually this is resized down from the original 5 Mpixel size. I Probably over did the jpeg compession through. This was shot with an ASA of 100, and I set the Aperature priority at 4.0. (I think this put the shutter at 1/30th). Everything else was left to auto.

As for the noise, the big spots are water spots. (For a good excuse: My neighbor and I have both torn up our yards puttting in drainage, so there is a lot of dust in the air. The slightest hint of rain means big water sopts.)

As for the color it self, that is very close to how the car looks. The base color is purple with silver metal flake, blue pearl, and red pearl and the flames are platinum pearl. That combination, at that time of day, creates a mottled color pattern like this. At other times of the day, it gives the car either a red or blue tint. It's a neat feect without spending the hunderds of dollars on color change paint. I will look into neat image though.

Now to wait for another cloudless evening for more practice.
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At least with a digicam you can get the results of colour matches pretty quick and tweak things, even pray for more cloud!
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