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Default Photographing school shows

I have a Fuji 3800 which I love. I am a real newbie to photography and have no idea how to use the manual settings. My indoor pictures taken at home close to the subject as well as outdoor pix are fabulous. My daughter does a lot of performances at school and the pictures I get are worthless. Tonight she has a chorus concert in a brightly lit gym, I used the auto setting both with and without zoom, every picture is blurry. I tried to keep my hand steady but I could not use a tripod. I have also tried taking shots at her school plays where the stage is lit but the theater is not, I sit quite close but still, blurry. Is there any way to improve this or should I have gotten a better camera!
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Was the inability to use a tripod a school policy (Can't use them because they would be a fire hazard, etc...)? Could a monopod be used instead? A monopod isn't going to require you to set up in an aisle like a tripod would, and it gives you an added bit of stability over and beyond your own hands.

How do the pictures turn out otherwise? Are they well exposed? Is the focusing okay (you said blurry, but is this movement blur or unfocused blur?)?
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What shutter speed is it using? You'll struggle below 30th especially zoomed in.

You may have to resort to higher ISOs and de-noise later.

If it's a focus thing use manual, if it has it.
Can you post one with the exif in tact.
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I believe this camera is ISO 100 only, here is the EXIF from one photo (love Irfanview, so easy to get this info!), I don't know much but maybe this will help you help me! Tripod issue is that there usually is no room (no way I can stand in aisles), and more daughter will KILL me for "standing out", she freaks that I even take pictures! Lighting is not an issue as this picture was well lit, and came out fine in that regard, not sure if it is just motion blur or focus issue as well.
Thanks for the help, I really blew her chorus concert and last play!
ISOSpeedRatings - 100
ExifVersion - 220
ComponentsConfiguration - 1 2 3 (YCbCr)
CompressedBitsPerPixel - 1.6000 (average)
ShutterSpeedValue - 1/8 seconds
ApertureValue - F 2.83
BrightnessValue - 1.0000
ExposureBiasValue - 0.0000
MaxApertureValue - F 2.83
MeteringMode - 5 (multi-segment)
LightSource - 0 (auto)
Flash - 16
FocalLength - 36.0000 mm
FlashPixVersion - 100
ColorSpace - 1 (sRGB)
ExifImageWidth - 1600
ExifImageHeight - 1200
InteroperabilityOffset - 1092
FocalPlaneXResolution - 3034
FocalPlaneYResolution - 3034
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit - 3
SensingMethod - 2 (other)
FileSource - 3 (digital still camera)
SceneType - 1 (directly photographed)
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IMO, 1/8 sec speed is the cause of blur, even in perfect focus.

I would go with Lauren's suggestion, a monopod. I use monopod a lot in low light conditions.

You also can go manual, choose a higher speed (underexpose a bit) to have less mouvement blur (from the moving subject). (Of course a flash would be ideal if allowed)
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