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Default Picture size

Hi, my new nikon d3000 allows me to pick picture size. I want to take pictures that I can enlarge, sometimes to 20 * 30.

Should I be setting my camera to the large setting? I have found that the large setting can cause some problems when I try to post pictures on web sites or email them.

Which setting should I select to get the best quality prints?
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always select the largest picture size with the least compression.

you can always downsize your photos for web presentation later.
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To put Hards advice a different way: Use the setting that results in the largest file size unless you have good reason to do otherwise. Given a reasonable system, the more bytes/bits used, the more information saved. Information in terms of digital photography means (roughly) resolution or preservation of detail.
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The only time I would not use full size, highest quality is if memory card space was an issue.
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... which shouldn't be the case given current memory card prices.

For example, you can find a variety of Class 6 16GB SDHC cards for under $50 now, and some Class 10 cards for only a little more. Here are lots of 16GB cards for under $50 (just check the things like customer reviews, warranties, and speed ratings for cards you consider).

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I believe the OP is not aware that you can "downsize" an image.

Downsizing, simply means, making the image smaller. For example if you go to the "Post your Photo's" forum on this board, everyone posts their image at a reduced size, otherwise they too would experience the "problems" you are experiencing.

Just about all image processing programs have various options to downsize (or upsize) the image.
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