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Default Pictures too Dark Indoor with Flash - Optio S4

Any suggestions on adjusting settings? I just recently acquired my Optio S4 and I am learning about the features and settings as I go.
Some recent pictures taken indoors in relatively bright rooms have resulted in pictures that were a little dark.
I tried making some adjustments on the computer to Brightness and contrast but ended up making the whole picture look washed out.
Any suggestions?
thanx in advance.
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What is relatively bright to the human eye, is not to the camera's lens.

You did not mention if you were using flash or not. I don't see the flash range in the specifications. However, chances are, it's only good for around 10 feet due to it's small size (when shooting at full wide angle).

When using zoom, the range is probably much less (about 3 times as much light can reach the sensor at wide angle with this model).

So, indoors, I'd try to shoot at full wide angle when possible, and keep your range to subject to a bare minimum.

One of the tradeoffs with a subcompact camera is usually a weaker flash.

If you were not using flash, then I would not expect the camera to be useable in most indoor lighting. The specs only show it capable of ISO 200 performance. So, shutter speeds would be pretty slow without flash (resulting in blur from camera and subject movement).

You may want to try manually forcing the ISO speed to 200 with flash (versus Auto ISO). This may extend the flash range a little (I don't know if Auto ISO goes to 200 or not).

Of course, the tradeoff will be higher noise (similiar to film grain) in your photos at higher ISO speeds.
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The flash is good out to 16 feet at ISO200 in wide. Not sure what is happening by the description.

If you only have the problem when the room is brightly lit:
Is there a bright window showing in the image that will usually darken everything else. You could increase the EV or use spot mode.
Are you sure the flash is firing?
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Default Re: Pictures too Dark Indoor with Flash - Optio S4

Originally Posted by Birdman325
... Some recent pictures taken indoors in relatively bright rooms ...
A nice bright reading light is dark for photography: somthing like f/2.8, 1/5th sec, ISO 200.

Get an EXIF viewer so you can see what settings your camera is using. If it has hit the max exposure allowed (f/stop, shutter speed, ISO) with the flash off, likely there nothing you can do. An EXIF viewer will help you figure out how to use the camera - you can see what settings the camera used, not what you thought the camera was using. As an example, the EXIF data will tell you if the flash fired for that shot.
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