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*** Update *** I've found 90% of my issues are coming from the lighting i'm using... I'm in the process of trying WHITE lights and changing bulbs etc, setting my backdrop up with natural lighting from the front window and using bounce flash with my 430ex is giving me the best results as of now, and I will try to add in light when neccessary to remove any shadows i'm getting.

In summary, i'm going to take a step back and try start over in a differnt room / lighting area.


Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty much convinced I have a lighting problem that is causing my issues but I would like a 2nd opinion from people that know what there talking about such as yourselves.

I have a little light setup that i've adjusted numerous times trying to fix the Flash Burn / off skin tone problem i'm having...

Keep in mind this is a low budget DIY light setup and i'm tapped out after my new camera and external flash so i'm trying to get it as good as possible with what i have to work with.

Camera : Canon S5 IS
External Flash : Canon EX430
90% of my shots are all using bounce flash at about a 45 degree angle... with and without the Better flash card posted within this forum also... I've also tried turning it around 180 degrees and it's somewhat better but still not acceptable..

Here are some examples... with a quick explanation on each :
Out of approx 300 photos this is the best i've been able to crop from...

I've pretty much determined now that i need a Blue Bright White halegon bulb to remove the yellow tinge that i'm picking up.
I've tried Program Mode, Auto mode, and Portrait mode, red books and reviews over and over 2 or 3 times each and am learning alot but i'm really looking for some possible solutions to my problem now.

Thanks for your help of course.

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Looking at the Exif data on your last shot, it shows you are using auto white balance. This is often a problem, with all digital cameras when shooting under incandescent lights. You need to learn how to set a custom WB under the lighting you are using. Otherwise, I think you are doing a very nice job with what you have.

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I've resized the Photos so I don't pull anyones connection down from too big of photos...

Thanks for your input VTphotog, i did do some expermenting in Tungsten lighting and also neutral lighting with only the dual halogen and it looked not too bad, and I did a test to "evalutae white balance and it was quite a differnet photograph in terms of color... I will have to do more as it was like a black and white compared to the over color burn i've been getting.


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I think you've done a good job on the photos you've posted, but I agree with VTphotog that the fault probably lies in the white balance setting. I will also say that the black backdropmay becausing the subjects to be lighted too harshly. Using a gray backdrop instead, might correct that problem. And while the black backdrop works ok for your blonde subjects, it doesn't flatter the brunette.
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if u shoot raw u can adjust white ballance later, then save it as jpg, dont wanna start a discussion about raw but thought its worth mentioning

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Gary

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