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Default Point and Shoot help!

After spending lots of time researching cameras on the web, I seem to be focused (no pun) on one of several cameras. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

First, the camera will be used mostly for general family photos. occasionally I may want to blow up a photo to 8x10. I really do not care about hundreds of manual features, although I do expect high quality exposures in a wide variety of situations (hopefully, I am not asking for too much). Also, I feel if the camera is small and pocket-able it will get used more than if it has to be lugged around.

A quick question: if I buy a camera with 3x zoom, and 4 mp (vs 3 mp) I will have more latitude in cropping the photo that 'simulates' a shot using a longer zoom?

Ok, the cameras that seem to fit the best are: Minolta F100, Nikon 4300, Sony P71, Olympus C720, Canon s30, Fuji 3800, Sony S85.

Again, thanks for the help.
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Of those you mention I'd go for the Oly but it's hardly pocketable. Have a good look at the fuji range. Try to go for one that used XD not SM cards.

I did have a Fuji 2400 (no longer made) and now have a great deal of respect for Fuji P&S cams. They do a good job of difficult exposure situations especially with a little help from the user.
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Thanks for the response, Steve.
Actually, as of this moment I am leaning towards the Nikon 4500.

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If you're really not interested in tons of advanced manual features, the Nikon 4500 seems like an odd (and expensive) choice. You can get the performance you want from a number of less expensive, less complicated cameras, including several on your list.
In answer to your other question, about resolution versus cropping, you've got it right. The higher the image resolution, the more cropping you can do and still retain useful image quality. (The more pixels you've got, the more you can afford to throw away.)
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Default Re: Point and Shoot help!

Of the seven cameras you listed, a couple of them are much more than point-and-shoot cameras (Olympus C720, Sony S85), though they could of course be used as such.

Here's my list of compact 'pocketable' digital cameras:


If you are trying to compare optical zoom vs. resolution cropping and blow up (i.e. 'digital zoom'), just be aware that with digital zoom, there is usually a loss in image quality (whether it's noticeable or not depends on how much you crop and blow up the cropped picture)
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You mention 'pocketable': that would seem to EXCLUDE some of the cameras you mention, unless your 'pocket' is unusually large. Pocketable usually means a shirt pocket. If you're talking about a winter coat pocket, many cameras would fit. For a shirt pocket, the Canon S30 or S40 seem to fit the bill (or the S230 if you can do with 2X zoom).
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Default Point and shoot cameras


thanks for the informative replys. Yes, it is true that some of the cameras I listed are marginal pocket camera.

That being said, it is also true that my priorities are high quality pictures with the minimum of manual intervention.

After polling several local camera stores, the list is somewhat amended. The most recommended camera is the Canon S45, followed by the Coolpix 4500 and then the Pentax 430rt (I think).

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. Also as it turns out Nikon is running a special until Dec 31st where $100 can be saved off the 4500. Does that change the equation?

Again, thanks.

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