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Here is your image resized to 720 pixels wide.

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Jim C,

I think I got it. On the first time I tried to resize it in Webshots, I then copied it and got the small photo. I went back and looked at all this again, and it looks like if I go to preview after resizing, THEN copy, it comes out at the width to see correctly on this site. Not sure why that matters, but it works. Then when I tried to post second shot, it put it next to first instead of below, so I will work on that. The msg area was filled so I couldn't stick arrow below it but enter seems to take care of that. So l hope I have at least the basics.

As for batch resizing, I still have to read all this and try it in order to understand. When I batch resize, I don't know how it knows how to treat vertical shots as oposed to horizontal, and I want to select the order they appear in the webpage and if I pull from several different files, they could have same number and that causes a problem unless I renumber/rename all of the shots.


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This is a test of posting a pic. I apologize in advance if I screw it up.

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That's the way my first ones were posting.
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