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Default Printing Directly from printer - from computer

I've just bought my new HP 7350 and I'm quite satisfied with it. The only problem is that when printing directly from the printer (using the Media Card), the results are simply great, while printing from the computer (for example after editing the picture with Photoshop), the printing results are quite poor (I guess 1200*1200?), not at all "compatible" with my HP 850 cam (4 mega pixels).
Is there any way I can improve printing quality by printing from the computer?
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It's not clear whether your problem is colour or resolution. Printing direct from media is like taking the image to the photo shop. Everything will be electronically referenced as set by the printer manufacturer's software. Possibly your printer may be making auto brightness/contrast adjustment as well. Also your HP printer may recognise your HP cam files and colour match more precisely.

When you print from PC YOU are responsible for calibration, the most important is your monitor. If you are using a laptop lcd - potential bad result after editing - what you see is not what you get printed!

Most printers ship with some test image files or they can be found on their web sites. Copy a few to your media card and print, then display them on your monitor and compare print with monitor side by side. Megapixels might not be the problem if it's colour calibration. I assume you're not using an lcd monitor and have the graphics card set for 24 or 32 bit colour?? What size/output print resolution are you setting in pS before printing?

When you get close, you may need to read up on setting profiles - i.e telling the editor to compensate colour from your monitor camera and printer, so all 3 added together display the true colour.

A good indicator of calibration problems, is if on nice sunny days, you are doing a lot of colour balancing and brightness/contrast re-adjustment afterwards. Trust the cam a bit more. If you import a pic into PS, do nothing, re-save and print - how are the pics?

Just out of interest, have you tried another package like QIMAGE Pro - it's not an editor so that stops you editing and correcting an otherwise OK image and it comes with full profile support.
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