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Default Printing Photos basics, some Q's

I was never into traditional photography, have no experiance with films etc. Well, know I got a digital camera and while the pictures look great on computer screen, I think I'm ready to print some of what I collected so far.

I hear it is possible to print your photos with a high end printer at home, but is it worth it? I'm used to 300dpi ink printers so I have my doubts, but I also have access to a high quality HP printer which even has a slot for camera flash cards. I understand it's there not without a reason... So here I would like to know:

- what paper I need
- what dpi should I set my images to. Because this is very confusing, default for computer images is 96dpi or even 72dpi, when I open a photo it is 72 dpi. Do I print it the way it is or do I resample the image and set it to whatever the printer's resolution is (or does it matter).
- anything else before I select the 'Print' command?

My editing software is Corel Photopaint 10 (which I am familiar with)
My camera is Olympus C5050z.

The other option, which makes more sense to me, is to have a photo lab print my photos. And here I have some more questions:

- because my camera shoots 4/3 ratio pictures or 3/2, will they crop them to the right format? Or can it be printed as it is (is there such paper, I don't think so).
- what resolution should I use for photos with printing in mind? The camera can go pretty high, but right now I prefer to use 1600x1200, because that's the most my Monitor can do. Should I switch to higher res? What is optimal?
- the camera is supposed to support some digital photo printhing standard. And indeed you can set which photos are to be printed with the camera functionality. Is that written in the *.jpg files? Or only somewhere in the camera mem. I understand I can just give the xD card with pre-set photo printing attributes - and the lab will take care of the rest. But if that info is written to the jpg files - can I write them to a CD and give the CD instead? (And they will know how many copies of each picture I need etc. ?) What is better - a CD or the card in your opinion? (My card is only 32MB BTW).
- will they be able to print edited photos? Such photos are compressed by my photo editing app. and for example can't be read by my camera. Will they have a problem with that?

Ok that's all I can think of. Anyone willing to help? Any tips or is there something I am forgeting? I will just leave it at that, unless something needs clarifying.
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Lab ... WAAAAYYYY too much fuss to do it at home. Just crop to a 3:2 ratio for small prints.
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I have tried bonusprint.com and am really pleased with their quality. They charge .18/4x6, .29/5x7, and 1.99/8x10

Their shipping is 1.99 always. Weather ordering 1 or 100 pictures it's always 1.99. Give'em a try.

One word of caution- I have found that on photos where I have shaprened, increase/decrease hue or sat or otherwise altered the photo in a digital photo program- it gives me a caution statement that my compression is too high to get a quality picture. I do not get this warning at other on-line photo developers.

As a QC experiment- I ordered one un-touched digital photo and the same photo that had been altered thus giving me the quality warning. I suspect they will come out the same. I will keep everyone posted on the results of the experiment.

Good luck- This is a great camera site.
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