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Hey people!

Im going to pick up my firtst SLR camera tonight and i cant wait!!!! The thing is I would like to know what items I should be buying to protect my kit. I already have a case for the camera but read somewhere on the forum that filters protect the lens, is this true?

Also what is the diff between UV and IR filters and what effect do they have on shots?

Are their any other bits of kit i should be buying to look after my camera?

Thanks guys!
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Alot of people recommend a uv filter. They do cut down on haze a little, but in reality do not affect the shot much. Be aware that any extra glass put onto your lens can affect image quality. If your prone to bumping into things with your cam, then by all means get a UV filter. I personally think the lens hood does just as good a job protecting the lens, and this will not affect sharpness or image quality. If you do get a UV filter, make sure it is a good one. A cheap filter will surely degrade image quality.

Other items to buy would be a lens cleaning kit, small blower (to keep the insides clean) and a lcd screen protector (as the D50 does not have a cover like the D70).

Also, pick up a book on basic photography to learn the ins and outs and how things like aperature, shutter speed, and ISO affect images. DSLR's do give superior images, but are not as simple to use as a point and shoot.

Good luck!!
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Since you already have a case (I assume you feel its good enough, or you wouldn't list it) and a UV filter for protection has been listed my next suggestion is...

A proper lens cleaning cloth. You can easily damage a lens by cleaning it the wrong way. I would suggest a micro-fiber cloth, there are many brands/makes and I doubt there is a difference.

Definitely DO NOT use the same things you'd use to clean your glasses or sunglasses. The multi-coatings are different on a camera lens and can be damaged by chemically treated glasses wipes.

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Yah, I would make sure you keep your lens cap on your lens when your not taking photos, and keep the camera in a case.

Dust is the real enemy, so the above will make sure very little dust will get to your camera and lens.

Ditto the idea of getting a lens cleaning kit. Usually a good kit (like the Canon kit, about $5) has a "blower", which is a little bulb with a brush attached to it.

Use the blower and brush to remove grit. Only use a lens paper or cloth after you've blown or flicked as much grit or dust off the lens.

Then use a lens paper or cloth to remove the inevitable water spots.

Usually a lens cleaing kit comes with a lens cleaning solution, that I would only use sparingly on a little grungy spot that didn't come off after using the cloth.

You only need to clean your lens surface about once every three months, assuming you use your camera once a week.

I don't use uv filters to protect my lenses. I just take good care of them to begin with.

-- Terry

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Thanks for the help guys!!

Just gone and purchased a cleaning kit and lens cloth.

Many thanks!
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