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Scae Jan 9, 2004 9:29 AM

Purple Fringing: IXUS 400 (S400) vs IXUS II (SD100)
Um, I really hope I got the camera names right.

I'm looking to buy one of these: But the 400 is out of my price range (by 50) and the IXUS II is considerably cheaper.

My question is that is purple fringing that the II apparently suffers from very noticable? Is the 400 any better, better enough to warrant the extra 130 is seems to cost.

Essentially I want to know what is the difference between these camera's: Their specs seem to suggest that there's a 0.8mpixel difference and that's it :o

I hope that's specific enough as per the 'Re: "The Worst Question"' thread ^.^

voxmagna Jan 11, 2004 8:43 AM

You will see purple fringing on most compacts. Some manufacturers like Nikon and Minolta have special lenses to reduce it and it worked on a Minolta I bought - but there were really good features on the Canon I liked, in the end I put up with the minusus of the Minolta for its lens.

Chromatic Abberation (or CA), is difficult to quantify on a scale, camera to camera. Its prominence can vary with the type of scene and lighting. For example, shoot a line of trees against a flat grey sky, look at the tree branches and you'll probably see it at 100-200X in Photoshop. Over expose to clip the sky and get a silhouette look on the trees - and you probably won't. Personally I didn't like it 'cos I think it destroys the edge resolution you think you're getting with high Mpix. Whilst there are some masking tricks you can do with PS, they don't bring back the edge sharpness and it's a painful process to fix lots of pics.

For small prints CA will probably not be that noticeable. But if you're looking at over 3Mpix cameras for larger or cropped, prints then it may be.

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