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Default Questions on Flash Cards and Storing Images

These are definately newby questions! We are purchasing a Canon A70 camera through a rewards program. We can also get a 128 mb flash card through this same program that works with the A70. Questions, we have are :

1) While on holidays, will we be able to store images on the 128 mb flash card using only the camera without access to a computer or other accessories? We expect to take about 100 - 200 pictures while on vacation with this camera.

2) Should we be looking at some other accessories to save battery power and / or editing images? At the end of the day, what do we have to do to dump unwanted images to free up room for more pictures? We would have access to 110 power and a TV but that would be all.

3) What is exactly is meant by image size when they say "large, medium 1, medium 2, small, etc. ? I assume this relates to the size of the finished print.

4) Can we store differing sizes and image qualities on the same flash card?

5) What size and quality of digital image would relate to typical 35 mm "snap shot " (4 " x 6" size) quality?

Lots of questions for sure but we have no experience what so ever with digital cameras. Thanks for any and all replies!


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1) with a 128mb card you could take 76 photos, at the very best setting.

2) Take extra battries, and the camera comes with a lead so you can plug it in to a tv and review pictures on and delete unwanted ones. (you can review and delete using the lcd on the camera too.)

3) Yes this is the size of the image, large = 2048 x 1536 pixcels down to small = 640 x 480 pixcels, this also affects how big a print you can get.

4) Yes you can have diffrent size and quality for every shot!

and im not too sure about Q5. hope this helps though.
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Default Flash Card and Image Size

A. The quality settings do refer to the pixel size and that has a relationship to the print size but it isn't the same thing. The higher settings will produce files that can be printed larger or cropped and printed smaller. It also has a direct bearing on the size of the files being stored on your Compact Flash card.

B. You can review the pictures on the LCD on the camera and delete the ones you don't want so, in theory, all the pictures on the card will be "keepers."

C. Compact Flash cards are relatively inexpensive now so I'd consider picking up another one anyway. I'd also stick some blank CDs and a Compact Flash reader in my suitcase and I'd bet that some of the motels and all the hotels you stay at will have a CD-R and will burn the pictures for you.

D. Batteries. Buy some good AA rechargeable batteries and a recharger. It's a federal law that batteries have to run out just when you start shooting and you're at least twenty miles from the motel. I have two sets of batteries for the camera. One is in the camera and one is in the bag. When the set in the camera run dry they get recharged overnight and put in the bag. I don't use the LCD much and get about 300 shots per battery charge. According to DPReview the Canon A70 has "amazing battery life" so I suspect you'll do even better.

For what it's worth, although I don't have one, the Canon A70 is a lovely camera and you should have fun with it.
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The problem with asking 'what will give you 4"x6" pictures' is that it depends on the subject matter. Pictures like complex landscapes of sweeping trees and buildings with lots of details require high resolution to represend all that detail. If use youse a lower setting, you won't have the detail and it won't enlarge well. And even if you are using the highest setting, it still might not be enough. I would try it out before you go on vacation and see how it works.

On the other hand, a face (something that people know and understand at a subconcious level) can blow up better because our brains will fill in some of the detail which is lacking. Especially if you know the person. Sure, if you examin the picture you'll see that isn't amazingly detailed.... but how many people really look that closely?

Personally, I would buy several CF cards and take the pictures and then cull the bad ones that night. If you owned a laptop, I would suggest dumping to that every night and reformatting the card in the camera before using them the next day.

I thought I should point out that basically any CF card will work with the A70. So if they make it a selling point to get one which is compatable, they are just making it sound better than it is (or more "special".) CF cards are cheap right now, I could get a fairly good 12x for 50 bucks (Lexar) off the web without even looking hard.

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