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Default Raw image processing question


I'm not a complete newbie, but new to processing raw images.

I have a photo which comes with a jpg and a raw, comparing the 2 and trying to make the raw look like the jpg. One particular artifact stood out and I couldn't get rid of it without ruining the rest of the image.
It's annoying red flare on some bright reflection areas. I've taken a screenshot of the same area of image both the raw in UFraw GIMP and the jpg with windows photo viewer and attached it below so you can see what I mean.
(very overzoomed to the point where you can see pixels clearly)

It only seems to be the painted surfaces that show this red flare. Some other overexposed areas don't have it, they just look white and merge neatly into the rest of the colour.

Is this infra red flare? If it is, is there a way to limit the far end of the red spectrum to remove it? (either with UFRaw or other tools worth using)

If not, what is it and how do I get rid of it?

Apart from that red flare, the picture is quite good. A bit heavy on the green (green object on a grassy backgound....) I'd like to keep the darker green from the raw image. The jpg seems to have lightened it more than I would like.


PS The image is of a 32mm model train, in bright sunlight so the bright reflection was all along the boiler.
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This is the result of overexposure. You may be able to correct it by adjusting the exposure level of your raw converter, and adjusting the color levels. I haven't used the UFraw myself, so can't give you much more specific advice. Playing with the channel multipliers may help, also. As long as you don't actually change the raw file, you can fool with it to your heart's content.(most raw converters don't change the raw file itself, but create a set of adjustments that are applied when you save the file as a jpeg or tiff)

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