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maggo85 Feb 22, 2010 4:35 AM


Originally Posted by peripatetic (Post 1054494)
There are at least 4 important things you get with RAW:
1. The ability to set white balance after the shot is taken.
2. The ability to apply the noise reduction appropriate to the image.
3. The ability to recover 0.5 to 1.5 stops of highlights that would be blown in JPG.
4. The ability to apply sharpening appropriate to the image instead of a default setting which is often to much or too little.

I've played around a lot with RAW files, used DxO 6 and Lightroom 2.5 to make JPEG's out of them - and I really liked the results, they mostly looked better than the out-the-cam-JPEG's (I mostly shoot RAW+JPEG).

I have no problem spending hours making JPEG's from my RAW's - so my question is: I'm going to the US this summer and of course want to get the best photos I can get with my gear.... would you shoot RAW or just JPEG?

I think it's a tough decision to make :)

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