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interforte Dec 1, 2003 5:51 PM

Recomendation-Hopefully new and different situation!
I don't think anyone has asked about camera recomendations for anything quite like my situation, if so I apologize.

I work with horses for a living, specifically I trim hooves. Have been using my much loved Sony DSC-S75 to document my work, however it's really not the right camera for the job. Looking to purchase something more functional for my purposes.

Camera needs to be:

- Durable, it will get knocked around some
- Easy to use one handed, when I have a horses hoof between my knees, I can't be fussing with a lot of menu options or controls, for the same reason I really want an integral lens cap, I almost always have to put the camera away one handed, the horse runs out of patience.
- Good in low light, barns are usually not well lit environments, horses move around so long exposures are not the answer
- Good detail at 6-24" distance
- Small enough to slip into a pocket or fanny pack

I've been thinking about the Nikon 2100/3100 and the Canon Powershot S232 and SD100. The AF Illuminator on the Canon's seems like a very good idea under the circumstances, but I kind of like the "feel" of the Nikons better.

Can anyone help me get a better idea where to go with this? Can't "try them out", far too rough an environment, wouldn't be fair to anyone who loaned me one or to a retailer if I purchased and wanted to return.

TIA, Linda

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