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Default Recommend a printer that will "play nice" with me

camera - Olympus C-3000ZOOM

computer (personal) - Hewlett Packard Pavilion desktop 7915
(1.1G) with Windows XP (home edition)
__________________________________________________ ___

I am interested in two types of printers: an all-in-one for use at home.
And a portable printer w/ cigarette lighter adapter for semi-professional work in foreign countries (no computer). I do have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Notebook ze5345us ($2,895.) that I could take with me, if necessary...but I'd rather not. I'd like to be able to get one size larger than standard photo size, if possible. I'll need to consider the availability of supplies as well. I', also wondering about all the different types of current, although I do carry a number of wall style adapters.

I understand the difference between "Compatable with Windows XP" and "Designed for use with Windows XP".

Thanx, in advance, for your time and advice!!
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Hi Smilynn,

Continue with HP for your All in One printer at home.

Go here for deals on HP Refurbished models, many with
inexpensive service agreements as add-ons:


If you are going overseas, you may want to talk to an electronics
store about a combination surge suppressor and 240-120 converter. I know they exist.

As far as your traveling printer goes, if it has a slot for Compact
Flash, then it can "read" and print your photos w/o your laptop.

The advantage of laptop is that you can post process the pics
before printing for color, exposure, crop, etc.

I would suggest one of the HP PhotoSmart printers for this:

Go here for a very inexpensive one!


Good luck, Smilynn

Buon Viaggio.

Does this mean your Oly digcam is cured of its former ills?
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Hi Digcamfan!

Thank you for all your responses and for keeping an eye on me (I do need some looking after, sometimes - ha). I'm following your excellant leads to a printer as soon as I finish this.

The camera is working perfectly... I don't know why, but new batteries did the trick! Without this Forum it would be on it's way back to Olympus (without warranty). Got some neat advice and links to help with the lenscap problem in the responses to my post in the "Newbie" section, also.

By the way, have you ever heard of a printer that can work with slides somehow? I've got over 500 from the 6 years I spent on the road overseas and would love to be able to make some prints from them.

Smilynn again
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The GP printer that does the best job on photos as well is the Canon i860: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_...anon_i860.html It is also very fast and by far more frugal on ink than other brands. They are also very easy to refill since they have no chips in the tanks. You can also get cheap aftermarket tanks for it. The i850 is also nice and a little less pricey.

You really need a scanner for the slides. If you donít want to make large prints the Epson 1660 is inexpensive and does a decent job. The Epson 3200 is incredible for a flatbed and the Canon 9900 has Digital Ice dust and scratch removal, and will scan twice as many at once. Just donít get a scanner with an add-on film and slide attachment Ė they are useless.

Dedicated film scanners are better for film and slides, but with 500 slides you would need an expensive one that you could get an automatic feeder with. Otherwise it would take forever. And without Digital Ice dust and scratches are a problem.

To answer your question, I donít know of a printer on which you can adequately scan a slide and print it. You might be able to jerry rig something for a multi-function unit but the results would be poor.
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Hi Smilynn

As far as your slides go, I would suggest the following:

1. Cull them. Be ruthless.
2. Put the "keepers" in archival slide pocket pages (available
at most retail camera stores and very inexpensive)
2.5. Put the pocket pages in a three-ring binder.
3. Then purchase a scanner that will also do slides.
4. Do one or two "pocket pages" at one sitting.

You could also multitask.......Bounce grandchild on left
knee...do a slide scan...bounce grandchild on right knee
do a slide scan..

Go with HP Scanner. Yes, I am totally nonobjective about this

FYI, I know of no printer that will print directly from slide although
photoshops can make reprint from slides (which is expensive).

Good luck
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