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Default Recommendations please

Here's the scenario:

Leaving for a trip to Europe on the 24th of this month and I want to get a digital camera for the trip. I've done some research, and here's what i'd prefer to get:

3 megapixel
2 or 3 times optical zoom
an additional 128 of storage
whatever battery charger is needed

I would really prefer a camera with a sliding lens cover, because I'm one of those carry-the-camera-in-my-pocket type of guys, and i don't want to damage the lens while in my pocket.

That being said, i'd really like to keep the total around $250. Any suggestions for me?

I've been looking at the Olympus D560Zoom. Most places charge $250..but i've found a few websites i've never heard of (inoax.com, ephotoclub.com etc.) that list it for $190. Are these sites trustworthy? I also really have to have received the materials by the 23rd or 24th. Any other cameras or sites i should look at? also, if i have to drop down to either a 2 megapixel or no optical zoom...which is more important? Thanks in advance for any assistance/recommendations.

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Check out www.resellerratings.com to find out more about those sellers.

Digital cameras are like regular cameras in that you pay for lenses and optics first. The better the lenses, the better pics you can get out of it.

Megapixels affects how large you can print reprints, or how much you can crop out before it is too small to print.

Think for a while about what sort of pics you want to take. Do you want pics of people or pics of places and things or both. Do you want up close pics (flowers, birds, local charm), zoomed pics (looking out at something far down a mountain side), wide angle pics (pics outside cathedrals or places like that), night pics, indoor pics, or some of all of the above.

That will help you decide what you need in terms of zoom and lens capability, camera features, and things like that.

Will you have a place (or computer) to unload pics after you take them? What about interface software, cables, and cardreaders? 3mp pics can fill up a 128 mb card quick. Is that card format available in Europe if you want/need to buy more of them? Would it be easier to get 4 or 5 cards here and take them in your carry on luggage?

How about your battery/charger? A digicam with dead batteries takes no pics. Can you charge it in a rental car (car charger adapter) or hotel in Europe? Does it have an adapter you can use with their weird plugs and electrical setups? Can you buy replacement batteries in Europe or do you need to have at least 1 extra set?

Best regards

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thanks for your help. Based on your questions and using the site you provided, i think i'm going to get the Olympus D-560 and a 128 mb xD picture card from bestpriceaudiovideo.com.

Looks like i also have to get a battery charger and some rechargable nimh batteries. Any suggestions on fairly cheap models? depending on the charger, i'll probably have to get some kind of european convertor too.

Is there anything else I'll need to get? My understanding with this camera is that I can use the software and provided USB cable to transfer the pictures to a computer? This correct? I've done some research, but i'm still new to digital cameras. thanks.

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